Stockjobber shares rush again! Rare 100 billion market value level securities companies led the rise collectively

 Stockjobber shares rush again! Rare 100 billion market value level securities companies led the rise collectively

In terms of individual stocks of securities companies, Everbright Securities (601788. SH) rose by 8.7%, Shenwan Hongyuan (000166. SZ), China Merchants Securities (600999. SH) rose by 8.52%, China Galaxy (601881. SH) rose by 8.10%, Industrial Securities (601377. SH) rose by 5.25%, China Thailand securities (600918. SH) rose by 5.18%, Haitong Securities (600837. SH) rose by 4.49%, Oriental Wealth (300059. SZ) rose by 4.35%, China Huatong securities (600837. SH) rose by 4.49% Thailand securities (601688. SH) rose 4.25%, Guangfa Securities (000776. SH) rose 3.81%, Northeast Securities (000686. SZ) rose 3.67%, China Construction Investment (601066. SH) rose 3.94%, Guotai Junan (601211. SH) rose 3.15%.

It is worth recalling that China Construction Investment Co., Ltd. won the 40 yuan mark and set a new high in history. Dongfang fortune and Huaxin shares reached a new high in five years. However, the soaring of some securities companies failed to last. The trading limits of Shenwan Hongyuan, China Merchants Securities and China Galaxy were broken, and only Everbright Securities blocked the trading limits.

The ups and downs of securities companies have always been a barometer of the stock market. What are the reasons behind the rise and fall of individual securities companies? Is it a sign of the opening of a round of market, or just a flash in the pan? How to layout?

How is this rally different from the past?

This round of gains in securities companies is different from the scattered gains in the past.

First, in the past, the stock price of securities companies has risen sharply, which is often the next big rise of new shares and small market value securities companies. This round is quite different. Last Friday (June 19) the stock price of securities companies has risen in a different way. The leading stocks of securities companies on last Friday are China construction investment, Everbright Securities, China Galaxy, etc., of which the growth rate of Oriental wealth is more than 7% becoming the highlight of Friday. Monday continued the trend of last week, leading the way from CSC to Everbright Securities, but the overall hot spot ranking remained unchanged.

Second, large market value securities companies have been launched one after another, among which the total market value of Shenwan Hongyuan is 125.2 billion, the total market value of China Merchants Securities is 128.9 billion, Dongfang wealth is at a new high of 152.6 billion, Huatai Securities is 178.2 billion, CSCI is 294.6 billion, and CITIC Securities is 315.7 billion.

Third, the multiple positive drivers brought by the reform of capital market have become an important driving factor for the rise of securities companies in this round, which is also an important reason for the rise of securities companies with multiple heads and accurate heads.

Fourth, the hot securities companies have lasted for two days, and have divergent intention. We can see that many of todays rising securities companies have made efforts on Friday and are able to continue today.

Fifthly, the concept of Internet securities companies has made repeated efforts. In addition to Oriental Wealth, we can notice that the same flower fair has also made great achievements in recent days.

What are the positive factors to stimulate the stock market to rise?

Ge yunshuai, general manager of Shenzhen leapfrogging fund, told the associated press that the rapid rise of securities companies is inseparable from the protection of policies.

Last Friday night, the Shanghai Stock Exchange announced that the Shanghai stock index will usher in the first overhaul in 30 years, and will revise the preparation plan of the Shanghai Composite Index on July 22. In this revision, St, * ST and other stocks were completely excluded from the sample range of the Shanghai Composite Index, new shares were included for an extended time, and listed securities on the science and technology innovation board were included.

On the other hand, TDRS and listed securities are included in the index sample space, which is more representative and more effective to reflect the market. The depository receipts issued by red chip enterprises listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the securities listed on the science and Technology Innovation Board will be included in the Shanghai composite index according to the revised compilation plan. Science and technology innovation board mainly serves science and technology innovation enterprises that are in line with national strategy and break through key core technologies. Incorporation of science and technology innovation board helps to improve the industrial structure of Shanghai stock index and improve the market representation of the index.

Shanxi securities analysis said that the Shanghai stock index was revised, the science and technology innovation 50 index was released, and the capital market reform will become the market next week. In general, the revision of Shanghai stock indexs compilation method and the release of science and technology innovation 50 are good for the secondary market, and securities companies and technology sectors are the first to benefit. The launch of science and technology innovation 50 is also conducive to attracting incremental funds.

According to the research report released by China Thailand International, the basic system reform has redefined the plate positioning of the gem, adhered to the dislocation development of different sectors of the capital market, and helped to strengthen the construction of multi-level capital market with different focuses. In order to lay the foundation for the full implementation of the registration system, the investment banking business of securities companies is expected to speed up. After the implementation of the registration system on the gem, it is expected that the subsequent enterprises will speed up their listing, contribute about 1.5% to the revenue of securities companies (in terms of the revenue in 2019), and make good use of the leading securities companies with investment banking advantages. The registration system on the gem further strengthens the core competitiveness of investment banks from channel issuance to pricing and sales. IPO will become the core engine of the business of securities companies And it brings development opportunities to investment banks and securities lending, securities firms PE, alternative investment subsidiaries and other businesses.

According to the latest research report of Soochow securities, in the long run, the long-term policy will promote the valuation of the securities industry, the reform of the growth enterprise board registration system, the opening up of the financial market, the pilot of the buyers investment and investment, promote the change of the industry competition pattern and the promotion of the long-term roe center, and the leading securities companies will benefit from the reform dividend. At present, the valuation is still low, and the plate opportunities are worthy of attention.

Has the overall rising market of securities companies reached?

For investors, what they are most concerned about is whether the stock prices of securities companies have started to soar for two consecutive trading days? Is the rise of Securities Companies Sustainable?

Ge Yunshuai told the associated press that the reason for the rise of securities companies today, from the technical analysis, the current market to a key point, there is no better plate to lead the rise, the rise of securities companies plate is exactly to play the role of breaking through the barrier upward.

Ge yunshuai said that looking forward to the future market, we believe that the overall market of the securities sector has not yet come. The continuous rise of the securities sector can generally be considered as the beginning of a period of market. From the basic point of view, there are still not many uncertain factors, and it is difficult to have a large market in the short term.

Yang Delong, chief economist of Qianhai open source fund, told the associated press that at present, driven by low interest rates and liquidity, the A-share market is turning from this local bull market to a comprehensive bull market, and securities companies, as the wind vane of the market, will have performance in the start of the market.

Source: Financial Association editor in charge: Yang Bin_ NF4368