Zheng Shilin: suggestions on promoting the construction of the infrastructure of the vegetable market

 Zheng Shilin: suggestions on promoting the construction of the infrastructure of the vegetable market

Author Zheng Shilin (associate researcher, National Development Research Institute, Peking University)

Two outbreaks of new crown disease in China occurred in the vegetable market. The first is in the South China seafood wholesale market of Wuhan at the end of December 2019, and the second is in the seafood market of Beijing Xinfadi wholesale market at the beginning of June 2020.

Is it a coincidence? Actually not! Two accidents are bound to be inevitable. Two times of the same occurrence in the seafood market in the wholesale market shows that the market of common peoples food basket is the biggest short board of sanitary conditions, and also an important reason for the high incidence of the epidemic. All over the country, the worst mess in the city is the food market, which is related to the peoples food basket.

Zheng Shilin

Therefore, we believe that it is necessary to speed up the construction of food market infrastructure throughout the country, which will not only help stimulate and activate Chinas economy in the post epidemic period, but also help to improve the health conditions of Chinas food market and improve peoples welfare. To this end, we put forward the following suggestions:

Third, we will improve the level of infrastructure in the food market. At present, the vegetable markets are all simple greenhouses, and the facilities of each stall are simple, and the sanitary conditions are difficult to guarantee. As the vegetable market is a public product, it is suggested that the government should adopt the modes of government direct investment, public-private partnership (PPP), franchise (BOT), partial subsidy, tax reduction, etc. to improve the infrastructure level of the vegetable market.

Specific infrastructure includes: first, housing facilities. We will improve the quality of housing construction in the vegetable market, and improve the housing conditions, ventilation, fire prevention and earthquake resistance of the vegetable market. Second, storage facilities. Improve the cold storage, storage facilities, central air conditioning and other facilities in the vegetable market. Third, health infrastructure. Improve the sanitation and quarantine facilities and disinfection facilities of the vegetable market. Fourth, waste treatment facilities. Improve the sewage treatment capacity, build waste treatment facilities and so on.

Fourth, local governments need to strengthen the standardized management of the vegetable market. We should standardize the management of the vegetable market system, form a set of scientific and standardized system, and avoid such behaviors as local tyrants and bullying. As for the employees in the vegetable market, the system of taking up posts with certificates shall be adopted. Before going on duty, we should carry out vocational quality training. Carry out infectious disease examination and physical examination for employees on a regular basis. Standardize the behavior of employees and develop good health habits.

It is hoped that through the construction of a vegetable market infrastructure, the infrastructure conditions of each citys vegetable market will be improved in an all-round way, so that the worst and most disordered dead corner of the city will be turned into a beautiful corner of the city, and the purchase of vegetables in the market will be a good experience for the citizens, and at the same time, people will be able to eat the freshest, cheapest and safest ingredients.

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