The products of Meiyi poultry factory have been stopped in China

 The products of Meiyi poultry factory have been stopped in China

According to the data, Tyson food was founded in 1935 and is the worlds leading producer and supplier of chicken, beef, pork and processed food. According to public information, Tyson food is an important supplier to almost all global customers, such as McDonalds, yum group and Wal Mart. In 2001, Taisen food entered the Chinese market and established Shandong Taisen Dalong Food Co., Ltd. to produce deep processed chicken products. In 2008, Taisen food established Jiangsu Taisen Food Co., Ltd. and Shandong Taisen Xinchang Food Co., Ltd. to expand the Chinese market. According to tianyancha, in 2013, Taisen food registered Taisen East China Food Development Co., Ltd. in China.

On June 21, in response to the flow of American Tysons poultry meat exported to China, the reporter of Beijing News called the above-mentioned Tyson food company in China successively, but the phone was not connected.

At Tyson tmalls official flagship store, the Beijing News reporter noticed that it had issued a statement on the front page that the frozen chicken and chicken processing products sold in the flagship store were all produced and processed domestically, while steak was imported from Australia, cut and processed domestically, and not imported from the United States. Customer service staff of the shop said that at present, domestic and foreign products are operated separately. The origin of chicken in the shop comes from Shandong and Jiangsu, and it is not clear about the flow direction of American Tysons poultry products exported to China.

In the self owned flagship store of Tyson Jingdong, Tyson East China Food Development Co., Ltd. posted a letter of communication on June 21, saying that Tyson China has strict requirements for high product quality standards, professional teams strictly control product quality and ensure the provision of safety products. The products of poultry slaughtering enterprises with registration number of p5842 announced by the General Administration of customs have nothing to do with the companys current products.

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