India buys 33 Russian made fighter planes to enhance its air combat power

 India buys 33 Russian made fighter planes to enhance its air combat power

Joint training of Indian Su-30 fighter and European Typhoon fighter

It is reported that Rafale, Su-30 and MiG-29 are all candidates for medium-sized fighter aircraft in India, but the decision of the Indian air force to buy Su-30 and mi-29 to meet the emergency needs surprised aviation expert Tom Cooper. He believes that although the Russian made fighter plane is impressive on the surface, it has insufficient performance and limited combat effectiveness compared with the Western models.

The Indian Air Force has 200 to 250 Su-30 fighters, Cooper said on social media. But if you want to blow up terrorist camps in neighboring countries, you need mirage 2000 fighters. Cooper refers to the conflict between India and Pakistan in the disputed area of Kashmir in February 2019. At that time, the mirage-2000 fighter of the Indian air force carried out a precise attack on the terrorist camp in Pakistan, and then air war broke out between the two sides. Pakistan shot down an Indian MiG-21 fighter.

In the 1999 Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan, the mirage-2000 fighter also played a decisive role. Indias Russian fighters have been trying to attack Pakistans base in the mountains, but the mirage-2000 fighter successfully destroyed an important command headquarters in Pakistan through the observation pod and laser guided bombs. Cooper believes that decades of experience have shown that the mirage-2000 is more effective than the Su-30 in combat, and the Rafale fighter is the successor of the mirage series, but India has only ordered 36 Rafales.

According to the report, the Su-30 not only lacks advanced precision strike weapons to the ground, but also performs poorly at high altitude air bases. According to Cooper, the altitude of Indias frontier airport is 11000 feet (about 3353 meters). The Su-30 is not easy to use in this environment. It not only has insufficient ammunition load, but also has to replace the brake discs and tires every time it goes out. So why India is so keen to buy this Sukhoi fighter? The answer is obvious. Hal has obtained the production license of the Su-30 fighter, and obtained more capital for the production of this fighter. However, Cooper also said that India can also obtain production license for Rafale fighters as long as there is enough political will.

Last years experience should wake up Indians, Cooper said. They should buy more Rafale fighters.

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