Foreign media: the Indian air force is stepping up the procurement of advanced fighters

 Foreign media: the Indian air force is stepping up the procurement of advanced fighters

According to a report on the website of Janes Defence Weekly on June 19, the Indian Air Force strongly urged the Ministry of defence to quickly finalize the Intergovernmental negotiations on these two types of fighters that began in early 2019, according to official sources. Once an agreement is reached, the deal is expected to amount to 110 billion rupees ($1.44 billion).

Indian Air Force MiG-29 fighter

In October 2019, general badawuria, chief of staff of the Indian air force, said that if the contracts for the two fighters were signed in the near future, platform delivery could start in 2022.

Industry officials said the 60 billion rupee agreement for the 21 second-hand MiG-29, including two dual seat trainers, included the cost of upgrading the aircraft to the mig-29m standard, as well as the support equipment needed by the Indian air force to build a new fighter squadron.

According to the proposed upgrade plan, the fighters are expected to be equipped with new Klimov rd-33 engines with digital fuel injection technology, fazolons zhuk-me phased array radar, full glass cockpit, and air refueling pod with enhanced endurance. These fighters can also launch R-77 over the horizon air-to-air missiles.

At the same time, another 12 SU-30MKI fighters will replace the 12 lost in accidents over the years. The fighters will be licensed by Hindustan airlines.

Hindustan air will complete the last part of the 272 SU-30MKI fighter project by March 2021, officials said, and the company hopes to get more orders to keep its production line active.

It is reported that the Indian Air Force will soon sign an agreement with Hindustan Aviation Co., Ltd. to purchase 83 domestic mk-1a Guanghui light fighters for 380 billion rupees.