ISC cultural innovation EMBA starts school and sets sail perfect world Xiao Hong shares success model

 ISC cultural innovation EMBA starts school and sets sail perfect world Xiao Hong shares success model

(the picture shows Xiao Hong delivering a speech at the opening ceremony)

At last, Xiao Hong expressed his expectation to all the new students, I hope that you will continue to challenge yourself, overcome difficulties, learn from your classmates and teachers, and concentrate on completing continuous learning in class, so as to drive into the fast lane on the road to success.

It is reported that ISC cultural and creative EMBA is taught by ISC Paris higher business school as the main body, which provides industry guidance for perfect world education, and fuce international business school is responsible for teaching management. Three institutions with leading advantages in their respective fields have taken the lead in opening up a training path for high-end talents in the creative industry in Chinas cultural and creative education. The project is committed to creating the best cultural and creative thinking platform for leading talents, giving full play to the enabling role of cultural and creative thinking, and making it a driving force for change in all walks of life.

Nearly half of the teachers of ISC cultural and creative EMBA come from the forefront of various industries, and the fresh practice and prospective observation from the front line of the industry become the unique resources separated from others. At that time, the cultural and creative courses will be composed of industry leaders and domestic and foreign academic giants, taking into account both theory and practice, to create a practical teaching system.

The perfect world is willing to put more of its own cultural and creative practice out to everyone for discussion. Xiao Hong said that the perfect world will integrate the experience and practice of the cultural and creative industry into the ISC cultural and creative EMBA and give students a new thinking logic to better view the future world and business challenges.

From the beginning of the project, executives in the perfect world, including Xiao Hong, attached great importance to ISC cultural and creative EMBA. At the end of 2019, Xiao Hong also held the first open class of ISC cultural and creative EMBA in Fudan University, sharing the business insights from cultural and creative practice for students, and publicly sharing the summary and cognition of cultural and creative industry practice.

(Xiao Hong (middle) attends the opening ceremony of the spring class of FUCE International Business School in 2020, the first on the right is Zhang Bin, Dean of fuce international business school, and the first on the left is Gao Heping, academic director of FUCE International Business School)

At the opening ceremony, Zhang Bin, Dean of fuce international business school, hauguel, Dean of iscparis, and Gao Weihe, academic director of fuce international business school also delivered speeches at the opening ceremony.