US media advocates war between China and Japan or because of Diaoyu Islands

 US media advocates war between China and Japan or because of Diaoyu Islands

The report also mentioned that Ishigaki City Council of Okinawa, Japan, will vote on a bill on Tuesday to change the name of the administrative divisions of Diaoyu Island and its affiliated Islands (known as Senkaku Islands in Japan), and to change the current Dengye city to Dengye City Senkaku. When talking about Japans move, CNN ignored the controversy and said it was not dangerous. According to Japans Okinawa times 21 daily newspaper, the LDP has greatly welcomed the renaming of Ishigaki City Council, while the Japanese government and Okinawa county have been on the sidelines, saying that it is useless to make waves.

What could trigger a conflict on the Diaoyu Islands? According to an article published this month by Zhong Weilun, a senior researcher at the yusov Isaac Institute of Southeast Asia in Singapore, CNN quoted, compared with other hot spots in this region, such as the South China Sea, Taiwan, North Korea nuclear issue, the Diaoyu island dispute between China and Japan combines many elements such as history, honor and territory, so it is unique and flammable.. According to the report, the US think tank maritime transparency initiative in Asia once described a scene in which a person from a shipwrecked ship or aircraft landed on the Diaoyu Island. If a Chinese fishing boat, marine police or military personnel landed on the Diaoyu Island, Japans maritime security would undoubtedly take action to expel them.. However, in view of Chinas non recognition of Japans sovereignty claim, it is possible for Beijing to see it as an escalation of the situation, so as to make a substantive military response.

Li Haidong told the Global Times Monday that despite the territorial disputes between China and Japan, both sides have been very conscious in managing their differences over the years. It can be said that on the Diaoyu Island issue, China and Japan can maintain the status quo to a large extent as long as the United States does not over inflame the flames, which provides an opportunity for the two countries to resolve disputes constructively at an appropriate time in the future.

In fact, there is more or less the shadow of the United States behind the disputes between China and its neighboring countries. Li Haidong analyzed that, therefore, it must be stressed that Asian countries have the ability to handle their own regional affairs, and the US media should not interpret the territorial disputes between China and its neighboring countries in a matter of choice way.

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