Why is the secret corner being sought after? The little actor is more amazing than Qin Hao

 Why is the secret corner being sought after? The little actor is more amazing than Qin Hao

Bald head in Qin Haos plays

Rong Zishan as Zhu Chaoyang

The Yangtze Evening News reported on June 22 that the audience gave the suspenseful online play secret corner a high score of more than 9.0 points. Why is the play popular? It has to be said that the films texture, solid group image, presentation of multiple topics, and the rare style of dark fairy tales make the play unique.

Yangzi Evening News / Ziniu news reporter Zhang Nan

Qin Hao, bald, cant bear to look straight

The secret corner is adapted from the novel bad child written by Zijin Chen, a famous reasoning writer. In 2017, the online drama of the same name adapted from Zijin Chens another novel crime without certificate was popular. The play tells the story of three children in a coastal town accidentally filming and recording a crime while playing in the scenic spot, and the adventure is also launched.

Qin Haos murderer, Zhang Dongsheng, switches freely between the gentle teacher and the low self-esteem murderer, which makes the audience feel cold behind. He not only killed his father-in-law, his mother-in-law and his wife, but also related to a series of deaths. Some viewers said that they dare not look at Qin Hao directly after the play, and others ran to the bottom of Yi Nengjings microblog and said, run away.. In contrast, Qin Hao, who recently appeared in the reality show together with Yi Nengjing, the sister who rides the wind and waves, talked about her daughter being bullied in the kindergarten, sad and tearful, and the image of her beloved daughter was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

On the surface, gold glasses, white shirt, speaking softly, teaching conscientiously and responsibly, willing to go home to cook soup for his wife, but at home, he is a ten thousand people dislike in the dust. Director for prevent Qin Hao is too handsome, also helped him design baldness modelling. After taking a bath, he took off his wig and looked in the mirror. Zhang Dongsheng burst the social network. It is commented that Qin Hao, the drama maniac, can interpret such abnormal characters easily. The characters depression, selfishness and cowardice, greed and evil in the name of love, all make him turn into his own performance rhythm.

With stories in their eyes, little actors are praised for their acting skills

The three actors in the play, Rong Zishan [Weibo], Shi PENGYUAN and Wang Shengdi, have won a lot of praise for their performances, which are natural and in place. It shows the childrens mental journey in the play, and plays with the actors. It is not shy at all.

Director Xin Shuang was interviewed and told the reporter that he was worried that too much time would be spent on the scene to teach the little actors before shooting, so he set the criteria for selection early: first, he should be born with the characteristics of role setting; second, he should have a strong acting talent. The casting team met thousands of children in one year, and finally determined three small actors.

Rong Zishan, who plays Zhu Chaoyang, was born in 2006 and once played Jia Zhangkes old man of mountains and rivers. He was fashionable and young and attracted Jia Zhangke with his eyes full of stories. He is also the little Du Ming Li in the hit drama that year when the moon is in full bloom. When he entered the room, everyone thought he was Zhu Chaoyang Benyang. Wang Shengdi, who plays girl pop, starred in the film assassinating novelists. Yan Liang is the most difficult for the crew. Its hard to find natural treason in the characters in the current children. When it was about to start in a month, Spencer appeared. Shi PENGYUAN has played Nicholas Tse [Weibo] as a teenager in the movie life and death.

Will Zhu Chaoyang become Zhang Dongsheng?

On the basis of the creation of suspense drama, it also contains a deep concern about family education issues in todays society. The three children in the play, from ignorance to the edge of crime step by step, are also traceable, because they all come from incomplete original families.

Zhu Chaoyang, the boy, ranks first in every exam. But he came from a broken family, his parents divorced. Zhu Chaoyang is full of incomprehension about his parents divorce behavior. You want to divorce your father because you only care about yourself. Unintentionally filming the scene of killing should have called the police, but on the edge of good and evil, ignorant children choose to slide to the side of evil, although this evil is not their intention. After Zhu Jingjing, Zhu Chaoyangs half sister, stumbled down the stairs, they remained silent.

After the birth of the child, the subconscious has been heavily branded by the original family and may also be passed on from generation to generation. If the original family is full of love, children are likely to grow into sunshine, self-confidence, self-motivated and responsible people. If the brand of the original family is lack of love, doting, blind love and random love, its personality, security, love ability, interpersonal relationship, especially interpersonal relationship, as well as values, mentality, etc., problems will occur to varying degrees. Adolescence children are faced with all kinds of puzzles, troubles and inexplicable loneliness, and lack of trust in the adult world. Parents should pay more attention to it and guide it in time to avoid Zhu Chaoyang becoming the next Zhang Dongsheng.

Source: Yang Ming, editor in charge of Yangtze Evening News_ NV5736