Eason Chan makes a face, wrinkles skin, grows old, fathers Day blessings are unique

 Eason Chan makes a face, wrinkles skin, grows old, fathers Day blessings are unique

A fathers Day wish from Eason Chan

Netease Entertainment Daily reported on June 22 that although the epidemic stopped most of its performing arts work, Eason Chan found a new outlet and was active in various social platforms. Recently, because of mothers day, he started shooting a series of films and was widely praised. Now its fathers day. Eason Chan even took pictures of himself, wishing all fathers in the world a smooth skin.

On fathers day, many artists sent their wishes on the Internet. Eason Chan also joined in the battle. He took photos of himself and wished his dads a smooth skin. He took a photo with his wishes. He made a grimace when his skin was tight, but the next one turned into a wrinkled old man, echoing the blessing of smooth skin. Fans saw that he was an old minister and an old Xun, saying Its a little sad to see him grow old, but I hope that no matter how old he is, please keep singing, and there will be many people listening to you..

Eason Chan attaches great importance to festivals related to his family. One month ago, for mothers day, he uploaded a series of mamawithme, which has been continuously updated to now. There are eight themes and four films. In the latest episode of the film, he revealed that his family wanted to send him to study in England when he was in middle school, but he was afraid of going to study in the local area. Being bullied in the original school didnt make him so afraid, The reason why he didnt want to study abroad is that he wants to be funny. Eason Chan said that there were often Irish Republican Army bomb attacks in public places. At the age of 11 or 2, he said to his family, Im afraid of death. I dont want to go. he thought that he would be the one who was killed when he went to England. Now he thinks its funny and laughs at himself: Im a very dramatic child and how can I say it? Thats an exaggeration.

Source: Yang Ming, editor in charge of Netease Entertainment_ NV5736