Nucleic acid testing will be included in the price trend of medical insurance or affect the performance of related companies

 Nucleic acid testing will be included in the price trend of medical insurance or affect the performance of related companies

The population of nucleic acid detection in Beijing is expanding.

A coffee shop operation manager in Shunyi District of Beijing told the Securities Daily that from June 16 to 17, the staff of the catering stores around the business district carried out nucleic acid testing, and the stores were not open on those two days.. A person working in Wangjing District of Beijing also told reporters that the company recently organized all staff to carry out nucleic acid detection.

After the level of prevention and control of Beijings epidemic rose to the second level of response, the proposed strengthening measures include: no need to leave Beijing, and those who really need to leave Beijing should hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 7 days.

A businessman surnamed LV told the Securities Daily that he had been on a business trip in Fujian before the above policies came out. Its very inconvenient to travel in other places, so I went to the local to do nucleic acid testing..

With the expansion of the scope of nucleic acid detection, its price has become the focus of the outside world.

According to the above notice, all regions should generally carry out open online procurement, and public medical institutions should purchase new coronavirus detection reagents from the provincial centralized procurement platform of drug consumables in the province where they are located. At the same time, medical insurance departments at the provincial and overall planning areas are encouraged to actively explore the centralized procurement of new coronavirus detection reagents, select enterprises with high product quality, strong production capacity, stable supply and good faith, and promote the price return to a reasonable level through competition.

According to the reporter, many provinces and cities including Hubei Province, Fujian Province, Heilongjiang Province and so on have successively carried out band purchase for new coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit and new coronavirus antibody detection kit, and the price has been reduced.

The novel coronavirus related detection medical service price was adjusted in June 19th. The price of all kinds of pathogens nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) was adjusted to 60 yuan / person. The antibody detection of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus was adjusted to 25 yuan / person, and the reagent was sold by zero difference rate. The Shanxi provincial health insurance bureau has issued a new report. Compared with the previous standard of no more than 270 yuan / person time for nucleic acid detection and no more than 90 yuan / time for serum antibody detection, the cost is further reduced.

Increasing market demand for nucleic acid detection

Before the successful development of specific drugs and vaccines, increasing the detection scale of nucleic acids and antibodies is an effective way to normalize prevention and control.

Shi lichen told the Securities Daily that the domestic nucleic acid testing market was further shrinking before the upgrading of the epidemic prevention and control in Beijing, regardless of the needs of foreign countries. The upgrading of the epidemic prevention and control makes the market demand for nucleic acid detection increase again.

The reporter called several new coronavirus nucleic acid testing institutions in Beijing, but they were not connected. At present, they are mainly company and group projects, and personal appointments need to wait. The well-known health e-commerce platform said to reporters.

According to the research report issued by Shanghai Securities, further coverage of nucleic acid testing population and normalization of nucleic acid testing will promote the continuous growth of reagent demand, thus driving the annual performance growth of relevant enterprises.

On the investor interaction platform, the third-party inspection companys production and order situation has attracted investors attention.

Novel coronavirus nucleic acid testing products were fully launched by the Daan gene in June 17th to answer questions from investors on the interactive platform, and the company will fully protect the market supply. The companys nucleic acid test kit has been provided to many provinces, cities and regions in China, including Beijing.

However, the novel coronavirus nucleic acid / antibody test approved by the Securities Daily reporters has been checked on the website of the State Administration of drug supervision and quarantine. There are 43 approved products. In the end, the performance of these enterprises remains to be determined by data.

Source: Yang Qian, editor in charge of Securities Daily_ NF4425