Increased risk of low temperature and humidity for 1331 people in Germanys largest joint meat factory

 Increased risk of low temperature and humidity for 1331 people in Germanys largest joint meat factory

Photo source: CCTV video screenshot

Juteluo County on the 20th asked the joint meat factory to stop production for 14 days to avoid further spread of the virus. Previously, the county has asked all the employees and their families of the joint meat factory to be isolated, and the local primary and secondary schools and kindergartens have been closed from the 18th to the 29th.

Northern Wei governor rashett said after a meeting with the local crisis team on the 21st that there is a huge risk of pandemic, but the infection can be controlled in the range of joint meat factories, and there is no infection chain among other local people.

Karl lautbach, a German health expert, believes that it has been a long time since the outbreak was found, and it has already spread to other people.

Since many employees of the joint meat factory come from Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and other countries, Raschet promised to provide them with the best treatment and warned them not to leave Germany in a hurry to return home.

According to the epidemic data released by the Robert Koch Institute of disease control in Germany on the 21st, as of 0:00 on the same day, the total number of confirmed cases in Germany was 189822, 687 more than the previous day, and the total number of deaths was revised to 8882.

Public protest: the company violates labor law and animal welfare law

According to CCTV, the German Bundeswehr also began to assist virus detection in juteslo County, North Rhine Westphalia, where the meat joint factory is located, from the 19th, including carrying out screening and tracking the infection chain together with medical staff.

Kubushu, the leader of the crisis team set up by juteslo County for this purpose, said in a press conference on the 20th that the authorities have no trust in Tonnis group at present. According to him, the so-called complete list obtained by the authorities in the early morning of the 20th contains only about 1300 people. Given that 30% of the groups employees have incorrect addresses or the company is unable to give them at all, it is difficult to reach all close contacts.

Photo source: CCTV video screenshot

At the same time, the head of tonness group issued a 16 minute statement to the media on the afternoon of the 20th, apologizing to the public, saying that the company will take full responsibility for the infectious event of the gathering, and promised to actively participate in the industry reform, willing to negotiate with the state government and the Federal Labor Minister on labor conditions. In response to the failure to provide contact information to all employees, Tonnis explained that the company should not keep the address of the personnel employed by the subcontractor in accordance with the relevant data protection laws. But now there is a formal executive order that requires subcontractors to provide contact information immediately.

As the largest meat processing enterprise in Germany, 20% of the meat products in the German market are supplied by tonness group. However, novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in the meat factory has not been overshadowed by the North Rhine Westphalia State Consumer Association. Experts pointed out that there is no scientific evidence that the virus can be transmitted through meat, but recommended that people fully heat the meat and comply with the most important health regulations in the kitchen, such as hand washing after contact with raw meat, in order to eliminate the risk of virus transmission.

In addition, the labor conditions of the whole meat industry became a hot topic in German political opinion with the outbreak of this large-scale infection. Many people believe that the real scandal is the work and accommodation conditions of the workers in the industry, as well as a series of environmental and animal hazards brought by the cost pressure. On the 20th, about 60 people protested in front of tonnesss factory, accusing the company of violating labor law and animal welfare law. The demonstrations, convened by several environmental and animal protection organizations, have been approved in advance.

Low temperature, humidity, centralized living, experts: conducive to virus transmission

According to Xinhua, this is not the first time that a German meat processing enterprise has seen an epidemic. In May this year, North Wei state and Shihe state had a meat joint factory and a slaughterhouse respectively, with more than 200 and 100 confirmed cases respectively.

Isabella eckler, head of the center for new viral diseases at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, told the media that wet hands and clothes increase the risk of infection. The investigation department should also find out the degree of wearing masks, whether the distance is kept, and whether the relevant health regulations are implemented.

Some experts suspect that the low temperature and humid environment in the meat processing workshop is conducive to the spread of the virus. Christian derosten, a professor of Virology at the University Hospital of sharitai in Berlin, previously told the media that the frequency of outbreaks in the meat processing industry may confirm the impact of temperature on the spread of the epidemic, which people will experience in winter.

A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Health said Monday that the most important thing for the outbreak in juteslo county is to cut off the transmission chain, so it is right to carry out large-scale local testing. The new crown epidemic is far from over, so it is still very important to keep a distance and comply with health regulations, especially when people work together in a confined space.

In recent years, many meat processing enterprises in Germany employ workers from central and Eastern Europe under contract. They live together and commute by bus, which is also suspected to be conducive to the spread of the virus. Yulia Kleiner, the Federal Minister of food and agriculture, said Tuesday that the relevant departments should thoroughly investigate the working and accommodation conditions of employees in the county.

(daily economic news comprehensive Xinhua news agency, CCTV)