Can Maotais newly signed 22 direct sellers cool down the market price and quench the market thirst?

 Can Maotais newly signed 22 direct sellers cool down the market price and quench the market thirst?

It is not hard to see that Maotais continuous promotion of direct marketing is to balance the balance of one bottle of hard to find and high price. At the signing ceremony, Moutai said that after signing the contract, the company will successively put Maotai liquor into direct sales channels, complement each other with social and proprietary channels, further promote the Flattening Reform of marketing channels, build a price benchmark, enhance the ability of market regulation and control, and stabilize prices to solve problems such as difficult to buy liquor and expensive to buy liquor.

As a matter of fact, the shortage of Feitian Moutai in the national market is normal. According to the public information, the Moutai Direct stores in Beijing market have already completed half of the annual sales plan in May, and the 53 degree Feitian Moutai has been out of stock in June.

Zhang, a liquor dealer in Beijing, told Beijing Business Daily that many customers wanted to buy Moutai as a collection, but it was hard to get it. And the market launch of Feitian Moutai has always been a headache for the senior managers of Moutai. According to media reports, a senior manager of Maotai once said that when the goods are delivered more, they are afraid of more inventory in the market, but the price of non delivery is soaring.

In order to improve the channel marketing status, Maotai also acts constantly. It is reported that in 2019, Moutai began to expand direct sales channels with the core of business super, e-commerce and group buying customers. At the same time, in January this year, Moutai signed a contract with 19 regional KA store service providers to further expand the sales network of domestic physical stores.

However, whether the direct marketing of Maotai can satisfy the markets thirst remains to be seen. Cai Xuefei said frankly that the direct marketing of Maotai can only alleviate the price depression of Maotai, which is difficult to eradicate the market. However, the rising of Maotais stock price may lead to a negative rebound of public opinion and an increase of business risk. The rapid growth of Maotai stock price does not bring real benefits to consumers, but to some extent, it promotes the atmosphere of speculation, which is not conducive to the long-term price stability of Maotai liquor.

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