Another nightmare? Leeds United fell to the top 2-0 because of their own stupidity

 Another nightmare? Leeds United fell to the top 2-0 because of their own stupidity

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In the 35th minute, Leeds Uniteds midfield cross was a meaningless mistake, and there was no defensive player to put a strong pressure on hoylette with the ball. Hoylette drove straight in with the ball, then knocked at Leeds Uniteds goal with a powerful mid-range shot.

In the first half, Leeds United missed the best draw. Jack Harrison pushes and shoots from his right foot at close range. The ball is about to fly into the open door, but it is just blocked by our center Benford in the offside position. Jack Harrison was furious. He put his hair in his hands and roared.

In the 71st minute, Leeds once again paid for their slack. Leeds United made a mistake in the backcourt pass. Mendesla made a right cross after breaking the ball. Grazier stopped the ball near the arc of the penalty area and shot to break the goal. The score was finally set at 2-0.

How many teams do you know in the championship?

After the game, Leeds United and West Bromwich Albion both scored 71 points. Leeds United were relegated to second place with three goals missing. The top two of the championship will go straight to the Premier League, and the 3-6 places will be upgraded through the additional match. Leeds United are seven points ahead of Fulham in third place and the possibility of a direct upgrade remains high. Last season, Leeds United led the table for a time, but ended up third in the championship in the playoffs. In the semi-finals of the playoffs, Leeds United were eliminated by the Derby County led by Lampard with a total score of 3-4. With a 1-0 away win in the first leg, Leeds United collapsed 2-4 at home.

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