Indias armed forces are increasing along the border. The navy is strictly guarding against Chinese submarines

 Indias armed forces are increasing along the border. The navy is strictly guarding against Chinese submarines

According to the report, due to poor road conditions near the actual control line, the Indian air force sent a large number of transport aircraft to participate in the rescue mission. The air force, composed of American made C-17, Russian made Il-76 heavy transport aircraft and an-32 medium-sized transport aircraft, has made more flights than ever before to air transport personnel and materials from all places to Ladakh as soon as possible.

Chinook helicopter with m777 howitzer

In the 1999 India Pakistan Cargill conflict, the Indian army sent out the most powerful Mi-26 heavy transport helicopter to airlift artillery, weapons and other key equipment to the war zone, praised by the Indian army as playing a crucial role in Indias victory. But this time, we did not see them - the Indian army now has three mi-26s that need to be overhauled. Instead, India deployed the US made CH-47 Chinook transport helicopter to Chandigarh for tactical movement of troops and equipment. The unique feature of the heavy helicopter is that it can easily hang the m777 ultra light howitzer, which will play a key role in fighting in mountainous areas, Indias NDTV website said Monday.

Andaman Islands strictly guard against Chinese submarines

In the Andaman Islands, thousands of kilometers from the Himalayas, the Indian Navy is not idle. The Indian Navy has asked its ships in the Andaman Islands to be more alert, especially against the penetration of Chinese submarines, the times of India said Tuesday.

The U.S. Forbes website said Tuesday that in the current tense land border situation between China and India, the Indian Navy will still focus on the Indian Ocean and Malacca. According to the report, the Indian Navy is determined to increase its forces in the Andaman Islands near the Malacca Strait, mainly in response to the Chinese Navy, especially the frequent entry of Chinese submarines into the Indian Ocean.

According to the report, at present, India has built several air bases in the Andaman Islands for fighters and long-range reconnaissance aircraft to take off and land. But the Indian naval base is far away from here, and it will take a long time to reinforce. If Indian ships are directly deployed to the Andaman Islands, it is more suitable to deal with local emergencies.. In addition, Indian conventional submarines are suitable for operation in relatively shallow waters, which can provide protection for Indian nuclear submarines patrolling in deep water.

Air fighters ready to go

Indias Air Force Commander badawulia, who visited the front air base in Licheng, confirmed that Indian Air Force fighters were patrolling the air and monitoring activities from China, Indias NDTV website reported Monday. Our fighters are fully armed and ready to respond to cross-border operations by Chinese aircraft, he said.

Indian Air Force MiG-29 fighter

India announced on June 18 that it would urgently purchase 12 SU-30MKI and 21 upgraded MiG-29 fighters from Russia, the US military observer magazine said Tuesday. Russia says it will deliver the fighters in the shortest time once India submits its procurement plan. According to the report, these two Russian made fighters are the main aircraft types of the Indian air force, which means that the Indian Air Force has ready-made maintenance infrastructure and trained pilots, and these fighters can form combat effectiveness soon after they are delivered to the Indian air force. However, the report believes that these fighters may not be able to change the current air combat power gap between China and India. The main model currently deployed in front of the Indian air force is the upgraded MiG-29. Although it has advanced functions, it is unlikely to confront the new generation of fighters deployed by China in the Western Theater, such as the j-10c, j-16 and j-20 . For example, the j-10c is equipped with a powerful AESA radar and thunderbolt-15 air-to-air missile, with a range of 2-3 times that of the MiG-29 missile of the same kind, the report said. According to the report, if the Indian air force wants to change the passive situation, it can only rely on the Russian made su-57 and other updated fighters.

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