Hamburg pretended to upgrade: 80 minutes Wulong, 95 minutes were killed!

 Hamburg pretended to upgrade: 80 minutes Wulong, 95 minutes were killed!

Hamburg is almost out of the Bundesliga

Prior to this round, Bielefeld scored 64 points in advance, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Heidenheim scored 55, 53 and 52 points respectively. The top two of the Bundesliga will be upgraded directly, and the third place will have a play off with the last three of the Bundesliga.

Hamburg versus Heidenheim, so it was a decisive game. As long as they dont lose, Hamburg will be at least third. Hamburg also had a good start. In 46 minutes, pokhyanparo forced his way through and shot low.

But at the end of the game, Hamburg lost two goals in a row. In the 80th minute, Bayer in front of his own door in the scuffle inadvertently put own Wulong.

In the 95th minute, Hamburg was killed by a standoff. After receiving the left cross, the right side of Schmirs forbidden area knocked on the middle, and keshbaumer followed up with a push to break the door. This goal, directly makes Hayden Heim 55 points to the third, Hamburg 54 points to the fourth.

Stuttgart won the round 6-0 with 58 points. Stuttgart scored three more points and 11 more goals than Hayden Heim, and in fact, he has locked the second place for a straight up to Bundesliga. Heidenheim and Hamburg who can take part in the upgrade playoff will be decided in the final round. Hamburg will play Sandhausen at home and Heidenheim will play Bielefeld, who has been upgraded in advance, away.

In the last nine rounds of last season, Hamburg won only one game and lost the chance to return to Bundesliga. After the second round of this season, Hamburg has been equalised or reversed five times in the eighth game. If Hamburg cant upgrade, its likely that Bremen will play North Derby in the second division. Bremen, who scored 28 points in 33 rounds, are 2 points behind Dusseldorf, who is third from the bottom, and are likely to be relegated directly.

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