Opposition defamation of Hong Kong related national security legislation

 Opposition defamation of Hong Kong related national security legislation

Photo source: Wen Hui Po, Hong Kong

Overseas network, June 22, 21, Hong Kong opposition councillor Cen Zijie set up a street station to oppose the Hong Kong related national security legislation, a middle school teacher spoke out, poking Cen Zijie .

CEN Zijie, a Hong Kong opposition member and convener of the front of the people, set up a street station in Mongkok banking center on the 21st to oppose the Hong Kong related national security legislation, during which he was questioned by a citizen and found out that his speech was deceiving the Hong Kong people. During that time, the Hong Kong citizens speech was interrupted by Cen Zijies supporters and some people were angry and angry and punched from behind The attack on the citizen resulted in brain injury. At one time, the scene was in chaos. The assailants took advantage of the chaos and fled. The Hong Kong citizens who were attacked were sent to the ambulance for medical examination by the timely anti riot police.

After the incident, many Hong Kong netizens on the Internet denounced the bad behavior of the thugs, left messages in support of Su Ziguan, thanked him for speaking for justice, wished him to recover as soon as possible, hoped that Hong Kong police would arrest the perpetrators as soon as possible, and some netizens reminded Su Ziguan that he must be careful and protect his own safety in the future. Other members of the public said that the Hong Kong oppositions plot to obstruct Hong Kongs national security legislation would not succeed. They fully supported the legislation.

Hong Kong media pointed out that in recent days, the united front of supporting national security legislation from all walks of life in Hong Kong has been held in many regions of Hong Kong, with the active participation of Hong Kong people to express their support for national security legislation involving Hong Kong. The people of Hong Kong have expressed their full support for the legislation concerning Hong Kongs national security and hope that the black violence will stop as soon as possible and the society in Hong Kong will be peaceful and peaceful.

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