The third anti epidemic special treasury bond was issued on July 23, and the total amount was 1 trillion yuan by the end of July

 The third anti epidemic special treasury bond was issued on July 23, and the total amount was 1 trillion yuan by the end of July

It is understood that for the above two special anti epidemic bonds, individual investors and enterprises can purchase them through the online banking, enterprise online banking and counter of China Merchants Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, construction bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Beijing, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Beijing and Bank of Nanjing on June 19.

A staff member of industrial bank told Securities Daily, anti epidemic special national debt has the characteristics of excellent credit qualification and low purchase threshold. The starting amount of investment is 100 yuan, and the minimum increasing unit is 100 yuan, which is more suitable for individual investors to purchase.

Its more convenient online. I can buy it without leaving home. I bought 1000 yuan of special anti epidemic bonds in the mobile bank. I pay more attention to security and used to buy electronic savings bonds, Mr. Wang, an investor, told Securities Daily

Individual investors have the willingness to actively purchase special national debt to fight the epidemic, which can contribute to the fight against the epidemic. Long Xiaoyan, a deputy researcher at the financial research center of the Chinese Academy of financial Sciences, told the Securities Daily that the funds raised by the special national debt for anti epidemic were mainly used for public health and other infrastructure construction in the field of anti epidemic.

Zhang Yiqun said that there are three advantages of the special national debt for epidemic prevention: first, the term is fixed; second, the interest rate is stable and moderate; third, the high reputation and low risk give the public investors good earnings expectations, so that the public can participate in the construction of major national projects through the special national debt.

For individual investors, anti epidemic special treasury bonds, like other treasury bonds, have a certain value of low-risk investment, but their interest rates are generally low compared with each other. For investors who want to obtain higher returns, they may not be high-quality investment targets. Of course, if the purchase is only for the purpose of maintaining and increasing value, it also has investment value. Liu Xiangdong, Vice Minister of Economic Research Department of China International Economic Exchange Center, told Securities Daily.

Anti epidemic special treasury bonds are issued on the same day and can also be invested and traded in the secondary market. The first two issues of special anti epidemic bonds will be listed and traded on June 23. Zhang Yiqun reminded investors that when trading in the secondary market, the price of anti epidemic special treasury bonds fluctuated according to the market situation, and the investors should be responsible for their own profits and losses.

Investors in need but not bought should not worry. According to the announcement of the Ministry of finance, the third issue of special anti epidemic treasury bonds will be issued on June 23, with a total amount of 70 billion yuan, which is a 10-year term. On June 24, investors can subscribe through banks and other channels, and will be listed for trading from June 30.

Unlike the first two special anti epidemic bonds, the interest of the third special anti epidemic bonds will be paid half a year, i.e. on June 24 and December 24 each year, which means that the interest can be received twice a year.

Generally speaking, the longer the maturity of national debt, the higher the interest rate will be and the better the yield will be, said Zhang.

On June 23, we will invite bids for 20 anti epidemic treasury bonds 03 . If China Merchants Bank wins the bid, investors can purchase through our channels, said the above-mentioned staff of China Merchants Bank

Recently, the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Finance said that in accordance with the relevant requirements of the executive meeting of the State Council on accelerating the issuance of the bonds to be issued, the issuance of special anti epidemic bonds began in the middle of June and completed by the end of July.

In order to ensure the smooth and stable issuance of special anti epidemic bonds, the Ministry of finance will give full consideration to the existing market capacity, and try to smooth the weekly issuance and stabilize the market expectation in accordance with the principle of general equilibrium. The head of the Ministry of Finance said.

The issuance of special anti epidemic bonds according to the plan is conducive to giving the market the necessary time and making good financial arrangements. The central bank will also do a good job in liquidity management in accordance with the plan of the Ministry of finance to issue special anti epidemic treasury bonds. Said long Xiaoyan.

On the day of the issuance of the first two special anti epidemic bonds, the central bank announced that in order to maintain the stability of liquidity at the end of half a year, the peoples Bank of China carried out 120 billion yuan of reverse repo operation by way of interest rate bidding on June 18. The reverse repurchase includes two term varieties - 7-day period and 14 day period.

According to Zhang Yiqun, to restart the 14 day reverse repo operation, one of the main considerations is to ensure the smooth issuance of special anti epidemic bonds, which requires monetary policy to provide liquidity cooperation.

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