Pie frequency variation pit live tape standard may be launched in July

 Pie frequency variation pit live tape standard may be launched in July

Since this year, the live broadcast cargo has been in blowout state, but at the same time, various rollovers have become the focus frequently. For industry norms, in the view of experts, the form of live broadcast with goods is not rigid, almost no entry threshold, which is easy to be drilled by some people who are not good at heart, but it is very conducive to the start of small operators. As a new type of e-commerce sales mode, live broadcast with goods has its own characteristics, which determines the supervision of it, and the corresponding supervision mode should be established.

Consumer Zhang Tian (pseudonym) told the reporter of Beijing news that he was not an impulsive consumer, but in order to support the favorite anchor, he would buy products in his live room, but the subsequent gifts did not arrive, and the customer service did not have a clear response, which disappointed him in the live delivery.

This is not uncommon this year. Forenoon, May 20th, from 10 a.m., many netizens forwarded the photos of roses to Luo Yonghao, and Luo Yonghao make complaints about the spend time of the roses with the flowers. That night, Luo apologized and issued compensation measures, saying that all users who buy take a moment roses will receive double cash back.

However, for such apology and compensation, some netizens accepted it, but some netizens questioned Luo Yonghao who repeatedly overturned the car: you cant believe how the live broadcast always goes wrong.

Zhang Tian bought Xiaomi electric toothbrush in Luo Yonghaos first live broadcast. After receiving the goods, he didnt get the gift promised in the live broadcast - three brush heads. Tiktok consulted the customer service of the official flagship store in April 3rd after receiving the goods. The other side said the follow-up gifts will be issued, what time will they be sent out without knowing, no time nodes.

In fact, unlike the live show, e-commerce live broadcast is all about the products. One of the attributes is that fans can get the excellent price of the products in the live broadcast room, and many head e-commerce anchors also fix the powder by taking the lowest price of the whole network. MCN insiders told the Beijing news that in the case of Weiya, the first sister of e-commerce live broadcast, the Weiya team would ask the merchants to sign a price protection agreement during the selection process, and the merchants should guarantee that the price (the price of the goods sold in Weiya live broadcast room) provided by the merchants must be the lowest price of the whole network in a certain period of time.

In addition, he also pointed out that if there is a large amount of live shopping, but the actual goods do not have corresponding reserves or false reserves, this will bring a series of problems, and fake and inferior products are produced in this way. Therefore, he suggested that the maximum quantity of goods should also be defined.

Experts suggest that there should be more and more high-quality products in the industry

At the first national live e-commerce standard setting seminar, more than 30 experts put forward suggestions on the standard draft, focusing on five controversial focuses in the standard setting, namely, the qualification of live broadcast practitioners, the age limit of the anchor, the live product experience, the time limit for video preservation, and the quality of live delivery, including the age of the anchor should not be less than 18 years old, and the live delivery behavior should be in accordance with the advertising law, and the anchor should experience it Commodities shall not be falsely publicized. In addition, a blacklist database of live broadcasting industry shall be established for employees.

Xinchuan, the head of Taobao live MCN, told Beijing news that the access threshold for live broadcast products needs to be established, which requires attention to the access of people, content and goods. According to the experts, the live delivery behavior should be in accordance with the advertising law. They believe that the current problems can be solved without the control of the advertising law.

As for whether the establishment of the new standard will lead to industry reshuffle, Xinchuan believes that the establishment of the standard will make the industry more standardized and will not cause large-scale reshuffle.

Zhao Yuanyuan said that whether it is TV shopping or live e-commerce, the bottom logic is a replay of offline economy online, and it is a process of improving efficiency. Sometimes we say that quality is not only the quality of goods, but also the quality of services, including all aspects of quality.. Zhao Yuanyuan said that with more cooperation between the platform and the brand, there will be more and more high-quality products in the studio. There were more products that focused on price performance before, but this was just an early stage..

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What kind of chaos exists in live tape?

The China Federation of Commerce pointed out that live delivery bypassed traditional intermediate channels such as distributors and directly realized the docking between commodities and consumers. This mode includes not only the program form of TV shopping, but also the invitation information of online shopping, as well as the performance of advertising endorsement. There are multiple roles such as the host, the operator, the publisher and the spokesperson. Due to the backward supervision, there is no threshold in the industry As a result, the quality of the anchor is uneven, which leads to the three vulgarities flooding the network, false exaggeration and propaganda, the proliferation of counterfeit three non products, and the difficulty of after-sales service, which need to be standardized.

A few days ago, the Beijing Consumer Association released a survey report on live broadcast consumption with goods, which showed that the Beijing Consumer Association selected 10 live broadcast platforms as the subjects of the survey. As a consumer, the experiential staff conducted three simulated shopping experiences on each live platform, and completed a total of 30 live delivery experience survey samples. Among them, 9 samples are suspected of having license information publicity problems, accounting for 30%; 3 samples are suspected of having false publicity problems, accounting for 10%; 1 sample fails to implement 7-day return without reason, accounting for 3.33%.

In addition, some anchors are suspected of over publicizing product efficacy or using limit words during live delivery.

Zhao occupying, deputy director of Beijing Zhilin law firm, told the Beijing news that the expressions such as the lowest price on the whole network are all extreme terms, which are clearly prohibited in advertising, but there is no inevitable relationship between the use of such extreme terms and whether it constitutes fraud.

Should supervision set a high threshold?

In 2019, the industry scale of e-commerce live broadcasting has exceeded 300 billion yuan, and it is expected to break through trillion scale in 2020. According to statistics from the Ministry of Commerce, in the first quarter of this year, there were more than 4 million live broadcasts of e-commerce nationwide, and the role of online retail in promoting consumption was further enhanced.

Executive director of the Institute of Digital Economics, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, told reporters that according to the life cycle of the industry development, once the peak occurred, the bubble immediately fell to the bottom. The standard problem of live broadcast with goods needs to be formulated urgently, which reflects the objective reality that the industry of live broadcast with goods grows savagely and has many problems recently. How to formulate the standard and why the focus of the seminar is controversial also need to be considered in detail. The most critical issue in the current five major controversies is the definition of live delivery, which can be said to be the whole body. The writing standard may limit the development direction of the live broadcast industry, and it is difficult to define the relevant issues without definition. How to define it accurately is particularly important. On this issue, it is not only determined by experts, but also required to publicly solicit suggestions from live platforms, merchants, anchors and consumers, and make more detailed clarification and specification in the standards.

In addition, some experts said that this year, live delivery has played an important role in the arduous task of fighting against the new crown epidemic and poverty alleviation. After all, live delivery is the product of the market. Since it is the market, it will inevitably show the characteristics of the market, which has its positive effect and some problems. If an entry threshold is set, it is convenient for management, but it adds artificial obstacles to entrepreneurs in the initial stage. It can create a fully competitive market environment for all kinds of live platforms, eliminate the inferior platforms and the inferior anchors through the mechanism of survival of the fittest, and make the excellent live platforms stand out.