Wenzhou senior female shareholders collapse: just a few days 3.9 million why not?

 Wenzhou senior female shareholders collapse: just a few days 3.9 million why not?

A group of plainclothes police rushed into the rainstorm, finished the final deployment on the roadside, and rushed in the rain.

They are the competent police forces drawn from the local police stations of Shangcheng branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau. These people, like many times of cooperation, get out of the elevator, go down the stairs, knock on the door, and can complete all kinds of cooperation without communication.

After several times of trampling on the rental house, the door was knocked open, and the police quickly controlled several young people inside

On the same day, there were three routes of police in Anhui Province alone. In addition, Hangzhou Shangcheng Public Security Bureau sent police forces to Sichuan and Chengdu respectively to close the case involving tens of millions of pig killing trays. Before that, the way to Guangdong to catch up has been smoothly back to Hangzhou.

The source of the case starts with a police call more than half a month ago.

[cases] 3.9 million senior female shareholders were cheated

Sure enough, with a little inquiry, Wu Zhaopin found that according to Ms. Yus account, she transferred 3.9 million yuan. Wu Zhaopin stopped her loss at the first time, hoping to reduce her loss as much as possible.

Ms. Yu met a typical type of pig killing plate.

At the end of 2019, the group Friends of one stock group pulled Ms. Yu into a fund group.

Although she is an old shareholder, in fact, Ms. Yus knowledge reserve in finance is very general.

A scam started, and Ms. Yu didnt know it at that time.

In private, however, the mentor kept in touch with Ms. Yu to talk about stocks and funds. During the period, tutor recommended a free class for Ms. Yu to speculate in stocks. Through the link sent by tutor, Ms. Yu tried to listen to several classes, I found that there are a set of statements here, and I feel that I understand the inside story.

Tutor also recommended Ms. Yu two stocks, one of which really made her make 90000 yuan.

Therefore, Ms. Yu has more trust in this mentor. As the two chatted and speculated, Ms. Yu inadvertently revealed that she was holding millions of shares and told her mentor that she had lost a lot of money in the stock market this year due to the epidemic.

On May 20, tutor sent Ms. Yu a download link of app, I clicked on the link and downloaded and registered, then filled in the activation code she gave me. I think Ill make a lot of money soon, dont mention how excited I am.

The system will give me a bank card account, I can transfer to the other party. Ms. Yu said.

In three days, Ms. Yu successively charged 300000, 600000 and 3 million yuan to this account. During the period, Ms. Yu said she wanted to earn more and earn more.

On May 29, Ms. Yu suddenly found that the app couldnt log in, and the other side had been telling her that the system was expanding.

At this time, Ms. Yu was very nervous, thinking that so much money would not be out of it. It wasnt until the afternoon that she was blackmailed by her mentor that she woke up to be cheated.

[tracking] 22 cases involving tens of millions of money

In view of the high amount involved in the case, the case is highly valued. Based on the fact that Shangcheng branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau originally had a new financial assault squadron, a group of business backbones were quickly transferred together, and a special team of more than 20 people was formed the next day.

It seems that a simple fraud case actually involves complicated links, especially the typical pig killing tray Ms. Yu met, which has a strict organization behind it. Their characteristics are clear division of labor, it can be said that they are linked, which brings great difficulty to the detection of cases.

While helping Ms. Yu stop loss, police found some suspects in Guangdong.

On the day of the establishment of the task force, a team of policemen set out for Guangdong to investigate and monitor for four or five days in a row.

Hangzhous task force also launched an investigation at the first time.

In the face of such a relatively new type of crime, there is a lot of basic work to be done. The case has also been strongly supported by Hangzhou Public Security Bureau. Combined with several aspects of big data, relevant clues emerge one by one, and the criminals hidden behind the network are gradually clear.

The process of these victims being cheated often has similarities. Cheaters often have great patience to chat with the victims, gain their trust, and take assets and investment preferences, so that people can taste the sweetness first. In the later stage, they constantly urge to increase capital investment, and then use platform closure, platform expansion, cash withdrawal failed and other situations to cheat money.

[capture] the soldiers are divided into many parts to capture

On the morning of June 17, the hour news reporter got on a police car going to Luan, Anhui Province. Before leaving, he didnt know where the specific destination was. He only knew that this was a case of pig killing pan, involving a large amount of money and a large number of people. The specific details of the case are here.

As for the front-line arrest, what people can learn most is often a very simple sentence in the newspaper: where did the police retrieve several suspects, and since then the case has been broken.

In fact, behind the detection of every case lies the thrill. There are variables, accidents and thrills in every arrest.

The reporter experienced the arrest only for two days, and has seen many difficulties of the police in handling the case.

Such a complex case can be quickly solved in 21 days. We can imagine how many people are working hard day and night behind it.

An unexpected accident, high-speed tyre burst and rainstorm

Most of the police cars accompanied by hourly reporters were young policemen who had just joined the work. In addition to taking over various jobs, they also discussed the cars they saw along the way, sometimes joking to ease the atmosphere in the car.

They were all on business the day before. Its normal for the police to leave without saying anything.

Near noon, there was the first episode, and a message came from the walkie talkie that a car had a flat tire.

Far away, the reporter saw the car parked on the side of the road, the high-speed tire burst this dangerous situation, and did not see the police Shu have a little panic, properly stabilized, after the event, the police said, in fact, he was the first time to meet such an accident.

The drivers master stopped the car and helped to change the spare tire. The car slowed down until he got to the next service area to repair it.

At noon, a group of people just hurried in the service area to deal with a few lunch, continue to rush.

After passing the Wuhu Yangtze River Bridge, the weather became gloomy. For a while, the rain was very heavy. The wipers kept working. The road ahead was still vast, only the tail lights of the front car flickered.

At 4:00 p.m., we arrived in the small town of West Anhui, which is known as Luan Guapian, and joined the police who arrived the day before.

Several times of stampede, review the case and deploy to midnight

In the early stage, the residence of the three suspects has been accurately mastered. Because they are in a relatively strange environment, the police have perfected the arrest plan again and again, and they have only stepped on the spot for many times.

The night before, police arrived at the scene to stampede, and confirmed the suspects whereabouts again in the daytime. In order to catch the suspect the next day, someone left the scene in advance to stampede.

This is when the tension begins and spreads.

Captain Sima looked very serious. During the dinner, he suddenly thought of something to remind Fu Xudong, the instructor of the new-type money invasion strike squadron of the Criminal Investigation Brigade who participated in the capture operation, dont forget to take the medicine to reduce blood pressure when you are busy.

After dinner, several leaders of the task force immediately organized a meeting to discuss the case again.

After that, the police came back one after another.

The reporter did not participate in the process of discussion and deployment, and lived with the little sister of the police and other news. She is the second time to participate in the capture task, constantly following the news in the group, waiting for the next day to be informed of the departure time.

Around midnight, the phone rings, set off at 8 oclock tomorrow morning.

Something new that will happen at any time

Early on June 18, there was no rain in Luan, Anhui Province. The weather was cool.

The pace of life in the city is not very fast. Street cars come and go. From time to time, people who buy vegetables pass by. Occasionally, there are bank staff with a lot of documents. They are in a hurry. Even the delivery boy and the electric car are not very fast.

Outside an office building on Renmin West Road in Luan, the capture team followed by the reporter has been waiting quietly for several hours.

The tension in the hearts of hourly journalists had not subsided since the night before.

During that time, we talked about the operation to arrest in Guangdong.

He left Hangzhou at 6 oclock in the evening the previous day, caught people at 10 oclock in the evening the next day, sorted out the materials for interrogation until 2 oclock in the morning, and took the suspect on the flight back to Hangzhou three hours later.

Someone just made a gastroscope before leaving, someone was on a business trip with his daughters video, was back to a duzui and hum, do not want to take care of his fathers expression.

In this operation in Anhui Province, two members of the Guangdong capture team were in again.

Wu Jun is the leader of the new financial invasion strike squadron of Shangcheng branch and the leader of the team accompanying the reporter.

At 10:30 a.m., Wu Jun and two colleagues made the last stampede before the capture.

At this time, the accident happened. There should have been four people at this point, but in this stampede, they found that one was not there.

Time goes by, no one is anxious,

There was just some silence in the car.

In the waiting car, the suspect appears just after everyone holds the eggs and fried rice

The lunch is very simple, a box of fried rice with eggs.

It wasnt long before Wu Jun received a call and the fourth suspect appeared ten minutes ago.

At the gate of the community, Wu Jun rushed into the rain with people and went straight to the unit building where the suspect was.

Because of the previous stampede and case deployment, the real capture process appears to be fast and smooth.

The suspects floor is relatively high. In order to prevent accidents in the capture process, the police have considered various details before the action, such as what to do in case of resistance or escape.

In the process of taking the elevator up, Wu Jun and several police whispered again that the balcony position and the door position should be guarded firmly.

In fact, due to the early work in place, the whole capture lasted for a short time.

After a short knock, someone in the room responded. As soon as the door opened, the police quickly entered each room to catch people.

Knock on the door, enter the house, control the suspect, count the computers, mobile phones, iPads, bank cards and other items that may be related to the case in an orderly manner.

Just a few minutes before and after the arrest, followed by the reporter was nervous out of a sweat.

Most of the four young people in the rental house were still sleeping when they were arrested

At that time, three people were sleeping in the room, and they were still confused after being arrested.

I havent done anything. What do you want me to do? The fourth suspect, who just came back ten minutes ago, muttered in some low spirits.

This four room room room on the 18th floor is very messy.

There are some unwashed bowls in the kitchen.

In a room used as a studio, there are ashtrays full of cigarette butts, areca bags with the words refreshing, cups full of half a cup of tea, and mobile phones and bank cards scattered everywhere on the desk.

Several policemen entering the room, with a little discrimination, matched the names of these people in the room with their faces, and then identified their personal belongings one by one, and confirmed to pack.

After checking the number of people and asking for their names, ask them to put on their clothes and shoes, take them to the living room to gather, show the arrest warrant one by one and put on handcuffs.

Four people put on black headgear, were taken to the police car, went to the local police station for interrogation.

At this time, the other two small teams also kept getting news. One point has successfully caught the suspect, and the other point is still crouching.

On the same day, three teams arrested seven suspects in Luan.

On the way, the police who went to Chongqing and Sichuan had good news and caught three suspects.

So far, 14 target suspects of criminal gangs involved in the case have been arrested, and the case involving tens of millions of money has also been officially broken.

Source: Qian Jiang evening news u00b7 hour news reporter Huang Weifen correspondent Chen Qi

Extended reading of China Securities Regulatory Commission: the listing of low sulfur fuel oil futures in China has led to a surge in deposits of large US banks. Since January, it has poured in $2 trillion. In June, LPR came out: one-year and five-year varieties are the same as last month. Source: responsible editor of Qianjiang Evening News: Yang Bin_ NF4368