I encourage you to be a cold person.

 I encourage you to be a cold person.

Big left is a warm-hearted friend.

If you dont, you dont have to. You dont care if you put people on the road!

Thats too much. Ill say that I always pretend to be so enthusiastic.

It only takes three minutes to get to his house at that crossing.

Indifference is not selfishness, alienation is not escape.

Walking in the society, the most afraid to hear is that sentence:

All acquaintances.

Because its an acquaintance, it cant be refused;

Because its an acquaintance, you have to do your best.

Once a distant relative knew that I could write an article, so he came to me to help him write a speech.

How easy is it for you to write an article?

When he got it, he not only didnt say a word of thanks, but also said:

Its not very well written. Its similar to me.

Then I put forward some requirements. This sentence should be provocative and that paragraph should be specific

Because of the face of relatives, I cant have a good attack either. I can only say:

The man was in a hurry and said:

Later, he complained among his relatives:

It didnt take long for him to ask me for help again.

This time, I turned him down.

There will always be people who think that if an acquaintance opens his mouth and doesnt help, they will lose face.

But face is actually a knife with reverse cutting edge.

Holding face will only hurt yourself more and more.

A friend who is cut off because he cannot help is not a true friend.

Sanmao once said:

If your reasons are right, dont be afraid to refuse others.

Because when a person asks, he has two answers in mind.

So, what is there to worry about?

The refusal is the refusal, the indifference is the indifference.

In the face of those tough demands, say, No.

A no word can stop countless troubles and make you live more free and comfortable.

Refuse useless social intercourse

There is a saying:

Put on an extremely intimate attitude and pretend to be close to each other.

It shows that they dont believe that they are trusted by each other.

First meeting, no matter the relationship, first add a wechat;

u2019Acquaintances encounter, no matter how far or near, first to embrace;

However, a list is just a list.

How many people look at these friends after picking up their mobile phones, but cant say a greeting?

How many people, after sending out the message how are you doing recently, received a sentence are you?

How many people in sad, can not find a can talk to the object, only their own silent tears.

Be clearu2014u2014

Its not like saying hello to make friends.

Smile again brilliant, can see only on the black screen own reflection.

Its better to quit useless social intercourse from the beginning than to lose and be sad.

The enthusiasm is limited, barely maintain will only let oneself feel tired, it is better to leave it to one or two confidants.

Others, just be indifferent.

Be indifferent and free;

Be quiet and happy.

There are two kinds of people in the world who are most vulnerable:

One is nostalgic;

The other is people who are too emotional.

There is nothing unchangeable, especially feelings.

Todays deepest love for him, perhaps tomorrow will become the mouth of so and so light;

He who is now regarded as a treasure may be abandoned in the future.

There is no mistake in loving a person, but if you love too much, it is your own mistake.

Dont lose your pride, dont always compromise and carefully maintain a relationship.

Always remember that you should be cherished, cared for and taken seriously.

The great time of life is not worth wasting your mind and youth.

Some people, only suitable to see Cheng, since do not love, then choose to let go.

There is no need to entangle, no need to retain, no need to wait to save enough disappointment, suffered all grievances before leaving.

When you arrive at the station, you have to get off the bus. In an empty position, someone will take the place of you.

To embark on a new journey and see new scenery.

To treat the surrounding with a state of mind that is both flattering and insulting, not to owe others, not to aggrieve yourself;

Look at the world in a light and cloudless manner, be close to each other, love and hate at will.

Indifference is not indifference

Its not to separate yourself from others completely.

Its a light gentleman style.

Kevin Tsai, his old partner, make complaints about his distance from anyone.

But such a cold person is always said to be gentle.

Because Cai Kangyong, who never attends other peoples weddings and parties, always appears when his friends need comfort.

Cai Kangyongs comfort also has his unique coldness, keeping a distance but making people trust.

The colder the person, the more able to maintain charm;

Cold eyes, cold ears, cold feelings, cold mind.

Cold people, because know how to maintain distance, get along with more comfortable;

Because we know how to keep our independence, we will not be bound by the secular world.

For the rest of my life, I wish I could build a cold heart and see nothing in the world.


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