Do you find marriage boring and alienating? The reasons are all here

 Do you find marriage boring and alienating? The reasons are all here

I deserve it. Its all my fault. Many women feel hurt because they think so. Similarly, Im not slim, Im old, Im not a good wife, all of these are excuses for the current marital discomforts, thinking that taking responsibility for yourself can improve intimacy. Its time to get rid of this wrong mindset, because everyone deserves a good marriage. You can help yourself regain self-esteem and self-confidence through writing and meditation, and even participate in psychological salons in this field. Once you realize the value of self in marriage, you will face up to the problem and repair the relationship between you.

u25c6 2. Use negativity to resist harm.

No resistance is resistance. This laissez faire, irresponsible mentality, will only let the feelings into a dilemma, has not been resolved. Want to no longer hurt, away from heartache, loneliness? Then give up the negative mentality, take the initiative to make yourself more attractive. Only in this way can we attract our partner to approach us actively like a magnet. If you cant find problems in your relationship, try to write down your needs, think about why they havent been met, and discuss with your partner. Maybe you can work out solutions.

3. Indulge in the memory of the past.

Yes, the past is very good. At that time, you gave him the trust wholeheartedly, and he paid regardless of the return. You had a happy time. But stop, indulge in the dream of the past, do not want to face the reality, or compare the past with the present, which will not help to get rid of the tasteless and abandoned situation, and will only make you more and more dissatisfied with the marriage. Try to set some rules for yourself, or give yourself a strong psychological hint when you unconsciously remember the past, and tell yourself that only by solving the immediate problem can you recover the lost beauty.

u25c6 4. Hide your true thoughts.

Do you answer your partners questions honestly after a conflict? Maybe youd rather curl up in your emotional comfort zone than tell the other person how you really feel because youre angry or tired. When you refuse to say what you want, you build a wall between you and your partner. Over time, you are used to hiding behind the wall, and he may no longer care about your feelings. The best solution is to open your heart and have an unreserved conversation to let him know why you have negative emotions such as fear and loneliness, so that you can get closer to each other.

When your needs are often unsatisfied with your partner, you may subconsciously or consciously suppress your desires so that you no longer feel disappointed. This way can protect you from pain, but also let you miss the opportunity of emotional pleasure and satisfaction. So, instead of controlling your own needs, its better to tell each other exactly what you want. A trip abroad, even if only for a week; a candlelight dinner, only you two; a hike close to nature, relax Write these desires on paper, plan and implement them little by little, and you will find that they are not hard to satisfy.

u25c6 6. Pursue perfect marriage.

The pursuit of perfection will make you carry unnecessary pressure on your back, or exert too much force, making the other party feel that they are being manipulated and suffocated. We are all real people. We all have shortcomings. Only when we realize our imperfections and accept them, can we find a balance in our intimate relationship. For example, before you go to bed, you want to clean up your room, put your children to sleep, plan for tomorrows work, and watch a TV series. Its good. It shows that you are a person who pursues life. Just dont put too much pressure on yourself, force yourself to finish all the work, or push these things to the other side to finish. Its like throwing the ball in the air, there will always be a ball landing because you cant take care of it. Try to tell yourself that you will gain more happiness at the expense of a little pursuit of perfection.