Idiom Story Journey: safe and sound

 Idiom Story Journey: safe and sound

King Qi sent envoys to ask Zhao Wei. Before the book was published, the empress Wei asked the emissary, is there any evil at the age of? Is the people safe? Is the king safe? The emissary didnt say, after the minister was appointed to exercise his authority, I will not ask the king, but the people and the people first. Is the person who is humble first and then dignified? Empress Wei said, otherwise, if you are not old, why do you have people? How can you have a king if you have no people? So you have to give up the book and ask the last one?

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However, the state of Qi asked Zhao Wei to send her little son, Changan Jun, to the state of Qi as a hostage, otherwise, he would not send troops. At the suggestion of the minister, Zhao Wei finally agreed to the request. Qi sent troops to help Zhao defeat the Qin army.

The emissary was very unhappy and said, after I came to see Wei at the order of the king of Qi, the empress of Wei did not ask the king of Qi but asked the harvest and the people first. How could I put the lowly in front of the noble like this?

The former refers to peoples safety without disease, and the latter refers to safety without any damage.

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