What is morbid love?

 What is morbid love?

8. Soul coffee:

Why do some people fall in love with each other more easily, but once they are together for a while, they dont feel it?

Apart from the common explanation of halo effect, is there any other possibility?

How to evaluate the feeling in love for a relationship?

Xiong Ling:

If a person is deeply in the pleasure of secret love, it is a typical narcissism. This phenomenon still has a profound human origin: people are naturally fascinated by happiness, escape from pain, and naturally love beauty and narcissism. However, its morbid to fall in love with secret love. In fact, its said that he / she loves not others, but his / her ideal self. The prototype of morbid narcissism comes from ancient Greek mythology. It is said that there is a beautiful young man Narcissus. He saw the self reflection in the lake and was very surprised and intoxicated. Since then, he fell in love with him and died of depression. After his death, he became a narcissus standing on the lake for the world to enjoy. So Narcissus, a metaphor for narcissism.

The feeling of love is the most complex and delicate in love. Its magic and floating characteristics make it difficult for you to give accurate description with words, and it can not be interpreted convincingly with common sense.

Why, sometimes people who love each other cant love each other well. They are always entangled and entangled?

Why do some people not hesitate to win the love of others in the way of self harm?

Why do some people like to express their love in a cruel way and seem to like to see each other suffer for themselves?

Why are we attracted by the tortuous love story?

How to distinguish true love from morbid love?

Xiong Ling:

The root of many maltreatment problems, in a deeper sense, is that human beings are purposeful animals. For their own needs, they can do whatever they need to do, and they can bear the cost to achieve their own interests. Masochistic culture is the product of the core power that human beings have. Whether self abuse or maltreatment, people achieve their goals by becoming victims, which is the consideration of human nature. According to the bitter meat plan in ancient military books, it is a form of existence for human beings to realize their wishes by being abused. With the expansion of human demand, abusive culture will become more bizarre and diverse, such as extreme sports such as bungee jumping and rock climbing, and human abusive competitions such as eating chili peppers and raw seafood. It can be seen that the impulse and surging of peoples hearts can not be quelled without abuse.

In my opinion, masochism is an alternative culture presented with the development of the times. We should distinguish the masochism related to personality. The former is a kind of social phenomenon, the latter is an individual psychological abnormality, a kind of psychological response willing to be attacked and self attack. In addition to the obvious masochistic tendencies related to personality, such as sexual masochism, being beaten, being tortured, scratching on the body, overeating, etc., there are also hidden masochistic tendencies that are often ignored by us, such as the good people, victims, rescuers, workaholics, etc., which seem to be admirable, but they do so at the expense of themselves or to hurt their real needs Cost, and they are so unconscious, and proud to sacrifice themselves. The motivation of explicit masochists is very simple, that is, to obtain spiritual stimulation and pleasure. The masochistic motivation of the masochists is deep, and there are many: low self-esteem, so they often think for others, pay to make themselves feel strong; high anxiety of insecurity, so they often tolerate dissatisfaction with others to avoid being attacked; eager to identify, so they often sacrifice themselves, please others behavior mode. In a word, the psychology of masochism is complex.

The difference between true love and morbid deep love lies in that true love is a borderline love for the real person, morbid deep love is a symbiotic state of baby and an ideal self of the object. The second difference is that true love is about giving love that doesnt ask for return, while pathological deep love is asking for the return of each others love.