Looking for the missing husband all over the world, paralyzed girl accidentally harvest the voice of love

 Looking for the missing husband all over the world, paralyzed girl accidentally harvest the voice of love

On February 10, 2007, Liu Hongming, an employee of Hubei Shiyan Dongfeng Automobile Engine Shock Absorber Co., Ltd., saw a news in the newspaper, paralyzed Wife Please missing husband to give her a message:

Luo Yan, a 24-year-old girl, graduated from Shiyan vocational and technical college in June 2005 and was assigned to work as an accountant in the after-sales service department of air conditioning. In the same year, she married Wang Dong, her boyfriend who had been in love for more than a year. Wang Dong, 5 years older than Luo Yan, is a brand liquor salesman in a supermarket. Just as the couple are looking forward to the future, bad luck comes. Luo Yan fell down on the way home because the bus started too fast, and her head landed on the ground. During the CT examination, the doctor found that there was a tumor in her brain. Unfortunately, the operation failed. She was in a coma for more than a month before waking up. After waking up, her left body was completely paralyzed, her facial nerve was damaged, and her nose and mouth were all twisted to the right. Wang Dong, her husband, took care of her at first. However, when he came back from his hometown in the Spring Festival of 2006, he was a little depressed. His parents put pressure on him to leave. In May, Wang Dong told Luo Yan that he would take a driving test to drive a long-distance bus so as to earn more money. Luo Yan agreed. Since then, she has never seen him again in the past six months.

Luo Yan has called Wang Dongs number for countless times. At first, Wang Dong was still perfunctorily saying something on the phone. Later, he stopped answering the phone. Luo Yan always called no one answers; then one day, it was a cold and cruel tone: the number you dialed was an empty number!

Like father, what should that be? Liu Hongming wants to know what his father looks like. Unfortunately, his family is poor. His father didnt leave a picture. His mothers narration cant make him piece up his fathers appearance in his mind. He only knows that his voice is thick, powerful and loud

Its very high and bright, but its not harsh. Its not fast. Its very reasonable to say something, and its very hot. He likes to talk about his experience of working in Shandong seaside.

It seems that since then, Liu Hongming has been trying to find a voice with fathers characteristics in the world. At the age of 17, Liu Hongming, a senior high school graduate, decided to go out to work to share his mothers worries. The place he went to was Weihai, Shandong Province, where his father had been wandering before marriage and where he often described to his mother after marriage.

On the night before his departure, his mother took out the remains left by his father and gave them to him. It was a conch. The large and thick shell is golden yellow, shiny and shaped like the hat crown of an ancient man. When it is put to the ear, the sound of waves comes from the ear. It is majestic but far away, deep and long. Thats the voice that my father used to walk all the way. Thats the voice that my father used to pursue and infatuate with. Thats the voice that my father yearned for in his whole life.

Liu Hongming called the newspaper and got Luo Yans number: Hello, is that Luo Yan? Im brother Liu of Dongfeng company. I read your story in the newspaper and would like to ask how you are recovering now? Is there someone to look after you?

Receiving Liu Hongmings call, Luo Yan was surprised and grateful. Because she was half paralyzed, her voice was unclear: thank you, elder brother, I...... She couldnt help crying. With sobs and chokes, Liu Hongmings heart was pulled up. Liu Hongming decides to visit Luo Yan, but Luo Yan refuses after several days of consideration. She sent a text message and said, brother Liu, thank you for your kindness. I look terrible now and Im afraid to see anyone. Liu Hongming quickly replied: believe elder brother, how can elder brother think younger sister ugly? I have a stable job, a happy family, a good relationship with my wife and a bright daughter. But when I saw your story, I felt sad and wanted to help you.

Luo Yan is still hesitating: brother Liu, seriously, suddenly heard a strangers voice, and was so concerned about greetings, said warm words, I have been very satisfied and grateful. Otherwise, dont bother. Liu Hongming said earnestly: I know that the room is so quiet that I can hear the sound of the needle falling on the ground. I also know how sad it is to lose my family member, not see him, not touch him or even hear his voice. Brother used to be the same as you, without a father, the most regrettable thing from childhood is that he didnt hear his fathers voice. Im just like you, looking for his voice everywhere. Later, I found it. So, I think I can help you.

Dont cry, my sister. There are flowers in the forgotten corner

On February 17, 2007, on New Years Eve, Liu Hongming rode his motorcycle all the way to ask, and finally found Luo Yans shack. As soon as he entered the door, he saw Luo Yan leaning on the bed. Behind her are two thin quilts showing cotton wool. Even so, she still cant sit straight, her body is askew, her face is puffy, extremely haggard and decadent. She cant see the spirit and charm of a 24-year-old girl at all, and her mother is also sad.

Liu Hongming was very sad. He pulled up his sleeves and covered them with linoleum on the top of the shed. He hung a thick cotton at the door

The curtain made of cloth was windproof, and several jubilant spring couplets were pasted inside and outside the house, and rice, oil and some cooked food were bought for them.

Luo Yans mother and daughter look at Liu Hongming with tears. His voice is loud and clear, which makes the cold home add the thickness and strength to resist the cold. The hearty laughter ripples in the original cold house, and finally arouses Luo Yanxins hope. When the new years bell is about to ring, Liu Hongming leaves. He will go home to spend the new year with his wife. Before leaving, he slipped 200 yuan under the pillow.

No matter how busy he is after the Spring Festival, Liu Hongming will go to Luo Yans every week to buy some medicine and send it to him. However, after a period of time, Luo Yans condition still hasnt improved.

Luo Yans mother told him that Luo Yan was seriously ill, but the worst was her mood. She was on the edge of collapse, as if she had reached the tip of a cows horn. She thought to find her husband Wang Dong, even if she just heard his voice.

On a weekend evening in April, as usual, Liu Hongming came to Luo Yans house, and before he entered the door, he saw a Chinese medicine soup on the mud floor of the shed. Next to it was a overturned Chinese medicine pot. Luo mother curled up on the sofa and sobbed. Luo Yan is getting angry at the wall, beating the wall with her right hand and right foot that she can command. Seeing this scene, Liu Hongming was sad and shocked: what happened? Tell me, lets find a way together.

The words of her friends broke Luo Yans idea of deceiving herself all the time. How she wished her husband had no news just because he was busy! Out of control and in a bad mood, she has been on a hunger strike for a day and refuses to drink medicine.

Liu Hongming stepped forward and patted Luo Yan lightly on the shoulder: I know you are holding your back. A word made Luo Yan burst into tears. Liu Hongming felt sad and blurted out: when you need love most, Wang Dong has gone. What can such a heartless man miss? Listen to elder brothers words, wait for the body to recover, find a good boy again! Luo Yan cried and shook her head: brother, he is not such a person. He used to love me very much. He must have been forced to leave me......

For the next half of the month, Liu Hongming asked around. Once, knowing that Wang Dong was working for a company in his hometown, Liu Hongming asked for leave from the company and rode a motorcycle to the company. But the boss said that Wang Dong had already quit his job and gone to another place. After traveling for more than 10 hours, Liu Hongming came home in the dark. Because of fatigue and anxiety, he accidentally slipped into the ditch by the side of the road with his car and fell all over with injuries

Liu Hongming helped Luo Yan. His wife Gong Aimin always knew about it. However, a few months later, she began to have an opinion. He was laid off. His family was not rich. He opened a small sales department. He was so busy buying and selling goods that he couldnt get up straight. His husband went to accompany Luo Yan as soon as he had time. He kept hearing the criticism. Some people said that Liu Hongming must be the idea to beat Luo Yan. Some people said that he must have another plan. Maybe he expects Luo Yan to have compensation for the failure of the operation.. The more rumors spread, the more evil they became. Gong Aimin was even more upset. As she applied potion to her husbands injured part, she scolded: what are you trying to do? Didnt you hear that gossip?

One day in early July, Liu Hongming took Gong Aimin to Luo Yans house. At that time, the temperature was as high as 39 u2103, but Luo Yan had only one fan sent by Liu Hongming. Seeing that Luo Yans whole body is sweaty and puffy, but its hard to sit still, Gong Aimin tears: I can understand Hong Mings mood. You have all had unfortunate ups and downs. Fortunately, he came here, and now I hope you can also break through.

Luo Yan burst into tears: you and brother Liu are good people! My sister-in-law, you are blessed. Unlike me... Gong Aimin consoled: the most important thing for you now is to take good care of your health, live well, and let those who leave you repent. Luo Yan nodded with tears in her eyes, and said to Liu Hongming, brother, I can hear you sing very well. There are still some songs I havent heard. Did you write it yourself? Can you write a song for me? Liu Hongming smiled: the songs you havent heard are all songs of fishermen and sailors by the sea, but I have been writing songs that dont make music. OK, Ill try.

From that day on, in order to do a good job in lyrics and music and remember the instantaneous melody, Liu Hongming repeatedly looked for feelings and was very devoted. After the completion of the first draft, he repeatedly auditioned and revised. Finally, he went to ask the professional music teacher of the university to help with the instrument to check and improve the lyrics and music. Finally, a song named voice was finalized.

Luo Yan listened quietly, tears like the tide: brother, you have done so much for me in the past few months, but now, I am most grateful for the song you gave me. Listen to this song, I think life still has hope, I still have hope.

After returning home, Liu Hongming began to work out a rehabilitation plan for Luo Yan, starting with practice and getting up. But Luo Yan tried several times, but failed. She bit her teeth and put all her strength to lean all her weight against her right side, but she exerted too much force,

It turned under the bed. Liu Hongming hurriedly helped her up. Seeing that she was depressed, Liu Hongming encouraged her to say, try several times more, you will be able to do it.

In the next few days, Liu Hongming called Luo Yan every day to ask about her exercise, but she always faltered. Finally, Luo Yans mother whispered to Liu Hongming, she doesnt want to practice. She thinks she cant stand up. And no matter what, Wang Dong will not come back, so she has no confidence at all.

That night, Liu Hongming came to Luo Yans house and mysteriously held out a box packed with beautiful colored paper and handed it to Luo Yan: this is a gift from brother. Luo Yan asked curiously, what is it?

Unpacking the package, Luo Yan was stunned. Inside was a conch about 10 cm long. Luo Yan carefully stroked: is this the conch your father left you? Liu Hongming nodded: later, I went to the seaside where my father spent his youth to know that this kind of conch is called Tang Guanluo because it looks like a hat worn by a man in the Tang Dynasty. The number is very rare. Fishermen say the conch represents a man. My fathers friend told me that he almost drowned in order to catch the snail at the bottom of the sea and cut a foot long wound on his leg. But everyone says - its worth it. Because, listen to...

Liu Hongming put the conch in Luo Yans ear, and Luo Yan closed her eyes involuntarily, Hua Hua - the sound of waves came from her ear.

In general, Luo Yan said, its said that the sound of ancient waves collected by conch is so far away and so near.

Liu Hongming smiled: sister, brother told you that the sound from the conch is actually that it feels the same frequency outside, and then amplifies it. So, in fact, the sound heard in the conch, the most important one is the sound of blood flow in your own blood vessels, which is the resonance sound produced by the distant thoughts in your heart.

Luo Yan was stunned. Liu Hongming told her: my elder brother finally understood why my father left this conch to me. He wanted me to understand how to become a man like Tang Guanluo! Listen to the sound of conch, the sound of sea is actually the sound of your blood flow. What kind of hope do you have in your heart, you must muster up your courage, and eventually you will be able to reach the destination.

A week later, Liu Hongming, who was at work, suddenly received a call from Luo Yan: brother, I can get up, and finally I can get up! Good, Luo Yan, keep working hard! Liu Hongming was also excited to talk and tremble. He knew that Luo Yan must be very tired and bitter these days!

One day in August 2007, Liu Hongming, who had just left the night shift, went directly to Luo Yans house without a rest, just to see Luo Yan walking forward with trepidation on crutches. He immediately slapped her and encouraged her to move on. Soon, his slap was red, but he didnt realize it

After seeing the rehabilitation effect of Luo Yan for several months, the professor of Neurology in our hospital clapped his hands and praised: its a miracle. As long as we stick to it, we will be able to recover to the ordinary level.

For double insurance, Liu Hongming and his student Liu Chao signed up for the competition and made an appointment: Whoever enters the final will sing the song voice. In August, Liu Hongming, who had a cold, was out by one vote, and Liu Chao successfully entered the final.

On September 8, 2007, at the scene of the final, before Liu Chao sang the song, he said a prologue: this is a real story. After graduating from University, a young and beautiful girl finally found a satisfactory job and was happy with her sweetheart. When she is full of infinite vision for the future, she is unfortunately hemipled in bed. Soon her husband was under pressure to leave. The girl is looking forward to her husbands news every day, even if its just a greeting, a concern and a promise from him. According to her mood, my teacher Liu Hongming wrote this song for her

The affectionate melody, beautiful lyrics, and Liu Chaos input deeply moved every judge present. At last, Liu Chaos singing won the second prize.

On November 9, 2007, Liu Hongming accompanied Luo Yan to find Wang Dongs parents home. Although the father-in-law and mother-in-law insisted that they didnt know about her sons recent situation, Luo Yan was not angry. She tried to stand up straight and told the two old people with the most peaceful smile: dont worry, Im not going to drag him down, I just want to tell him that Im working hard now and Im recovering. If he can come back, I will be very happy; if he does not want to come back, I also understand very much.

On the way home, Luo Yan looks at the distance quietly. Like someone calling her, calling like the wind, like the clouds, she smiled and shouted to the unknown distance: Im here, Im fine! Liu Hongming looks at her with a smile. He can understand her mood. Sometimes, a person shouts his name to hear his answer, confirm his existence, and affirm his efforts. Liu Hongming also shouted at the distant mountain: Im here, too. Well all have a good time!

Voice, need to respond, just like the endless love, need selfless help. In fact, everyone in the world has been looking for a voice in his life. It comes from the call from afar, the encouragement from his relatives, the oath from his lover. What he wants to hear most is the voice of love.

(Wang Dong is not his real name)