Smile everyday and scratch your arm

 Smile everyday and scratch your arm

Mother sighed and said, when are you going to lie to us, when can the cat catch such a scar? Wang wanted to stop talking and said, dont ask, this little wound wont kill anyone.

The parents looked at each other and didnt ask again. Dawang finished his meal and went home.

As soon as he got home, Dawang took off his long clothes and trousers and said, the heat has ruined me. The wife looked at the scratches on Dawangs arm and asked, is it still painful?

Hearing this, Dawangs wife said impatiently, say the key! Dawang rushed to pick up his wife and said, the bitter meat plan is successful! My parents said just now that they will pay for the stock!

Checked by: a Chai

Reviewed by: Lv Jia