A desk that cant be moved down with a smile every day

 A desk that cant be moved down with a smile every day

Just as they were at a loss, there was a voice downstairs to collect waste products. Wang Fangfang has an idea and calls for the waste collection. My best friend didnt understand: is it difficult that you should sell it? Wang Fangfang shook her head mysteriously and said, mountain people have their own tricks.

While talking, a young man came into the room carrying a sack. Wang Fangfang pointed to the desk and said, do you accept this? The young man turned around the desk and offered, 20 yuan!

Wang Fangfang said in embarrassment, well, 20 is 20! Thats how the deal was made. Wang Fangfang led her friend downstairs first. All the way, my girlfriend complained: you are crazy! I bought this desk with you. It cost 1000 yuan. How nice the carved copper handle on that drawer is!

At this time, Wang Fangfang pressed her finger on her lips and whispered, Shh, Im not that stupid. I just want to wait for him to move the desk down, and then Ill say I regret not selling it, wont I?

At this time, the young man came downstairs, but there was no desk. Wang Fangfang asked, why didnt you carry down my desk?

The young man smiled and shook his sack and said, that desk is not valuable. In fact, what I see is the carved copper handle on the top. Dont tell me. The copper handle is fixed upside down. It took me a lot of effort to pry it off!