Full marks for this sentence

 Full marks for this sentence

Among them, Cai Xiaochun raised his hand to the top and kept shouting: Miss Li, I will; Miss Li, I will.

Cai Xiaochun is a boy who transferred from the countryside last term. He went to school wearing famous shoes and carrying famous bags. He is very active in answering questions in class and has a loud voice, but seldom can he answer them correctly. The examination results of all subjects have been lagging behind the whole class.

Mr. Li has always thought that Cai Xiaochun is the second generation of the rich in the nouveau riche family, and some people dislike his behavior and habits. But at the moment, Mr. Li didnt want to beat his enthusiasm, so he called him: Cai Xiaochun, then you can make a sentence.

Cai Xiaochun immediately stood up excitedly and replied loudly, my brother is like a father in the daytime and a mother in the evening. Suddenly, a burst of laughter. Mr. Li was so angry that his chest was beating.

After class, Mr. Li went directly to the headmaster, reflecting Cai Xiaochuns violation of class discipline and asking him to be transferred to other classes. The headmaster promised to investigate first.

At the thought of being able to transfer Cai Xiaochun away, Miss Li was relieved.

After school that day, Miss Li rode an electric car past a building under construction. She saw a figure beside the building, especially like Cai Xiaochun.

Mr. Li curiously walked over and saw that it was Cai Xiaochun, who was lying on a cement board to do his homework.

Mr. Li asked, where are your parents? Cai Xiaochun replied indifferently, Ive already died. I havent seen it.

Mr. Lis heart was blocked and her eyes were astringent. She hurriedly said to Cai Xiaochun, the teacher has something to go first. You should listen to your brother and do your homework well.

A small bungalow with a piece of glass missing from the window. From the outside, Cai Xiaochun is listening with a radio. His brother, a young man with dark skin, is washing clothes.

Looking at this scene, Mr. Lis ear suddenly rings Cai Xiaochuns sentence in class: brother is like father in the daytime and mother in the evening.

Miss Li couldnt control her mood. She dragged her husband to one side and cried in his arms.

After crying, Mr. Li choked and said, honey, that child makes sentences in class. He says that his brother looks like a father in the daytime and a mother in the evening. I dont understand the situation, so I criticize him for breaking the discipline of the class...

Mr. Lis husband patted her on the shoulder and said, tomorrow, you should tell him in class that he can get full marks in sentence making...