Collection of different touch porcelain

 Collection of different touch porcelain

Zhang Weiguang drove himself, but as soon as the car came out of the TV station, an old lady ran over from the side and threw herself on the front of the car. He brake at once, but its too late. The old lady has fallen down.

Zhang Weiguang hurriedly opened the door and got off, but Lao Li grabbed him and whispered, be careful, this old woman is likely to touch porcelain.

Zhang Weiguang recalled the scene just now. The old lady could have held on to the front of the car, but she didnt. She fell down slowly. The track was really suspicious. He decided not to go to Zhonghua Road first, and took pictures of the old lady on the spot.

Zhang Weiguang got down from the car carefully, and Lao Li carried the camera behind him. The old lady lay on the ground, spitting blood from her mouth. The car is very slow, and the old lady doesnt touch it very hard. She fell down slowly. Its OK to break her skin. How could she vomit blood? Zhang Weiguang suspected that the old lady was blackmailing.

Zhang Weiguang was ready to bargain, but the old lady lay still on the ground. A lot of people came around and asked what was going on. Zhang Weiguang briefly introduced the crash situation of the old lady and speculated that I may have met the porcelain bumper.

Listen to elder sister so say, Zhang Weiguang flustered, hurriedly hold up the old lady. The old lady suddenly woke up. She looked around and asked in surprise, what are so many people doing here?

The eldest sister had stood on the side of the old lady completely and said: aunt, you have been hit by the car of the TV station, but the people of the TV station are indifferent to you and just focus on the scene. We are afraid of your loss. We will help you to keep an eye on these two guys. Dont let them run away.

Isnt that to encourage the old lady to blackmail? Zhang Weiguang is worried about the old ladys big opening, but the old lady claps his hand and says, Comrade reporter, Im ok, let me down.

The old lady waved her hand and said, Ill go to the hospital by myself. Please go and do not delay your work.

Zhang Weiguang said with a sigh of relief, aunt, we really need to go to Zhonghua Road for an interview. Lets give you 500 yuan first, and you can go to the hospital for examination yourself. This is my business card. If you dont have enough money, please call me again.

The old lady took the business card, but pushed the money back and said, Im a five guarantee family. I dont need money to see a doctor. He took out a small book and handed it to Zhang Weiguang.

After reading the little book, Zhang Weiguang knew that the old lady was Huang Qiuju, a lonely old man. The old man is so good, but he suspects that she is a liar who intentionally crashes. Its really out of place. Zhang Weiguang could not help but hold Aunt Huangs hand and said with guilt, aunt, I was worried that you would beat me hard for a sum of money just now. Im such a gentleman with a mean heart!

Mrs. Huang sighed and said, I cant blame you for that. Now there are too many blackmailers. They make the old man fall down and nobody dare to help him.

The onlookers had the same feeling and denounced the swindlers for spoiling the atmosphere. If the people who fall down are like Aunt Huang, where can we worry about no one to help? Everyone will rush to help.

Lao Li on one side felt that journalists should not only expose the liars, but also publicize such good people as Aunt Huang. He specially aimed the camera at Aunt Huang and asked her to say something to the audience. Unexpectedly, Aunt Huang opened her mouth and scolded, a liar who extorts money must not die! Lao Li told her to stop.

After filming Aunt Huang, Zhang Weiguang and Lao Li continue to go to Zhonghua Road. The police also arrived there. The old man who crashed was still lying on the side of the road moaning. He could not get up without 5000 yuan. In the end, a passer-by provided a video that was taken by accident. It can be seen clearly in the video that before the car met the old man, he fell down.

After watching the video, the police said to the car owner, go ahead and let him lie as long as he likes. Hearing this, the old man quickly got up from the ground, patted the dust on his body and ran away.

That night, the TV station put Aunt Huang and the old man who ran into porcelain together and broadcast a piece of news. The performance of the two people formed a sharp contrast. Just after the news was broadcast, Aunt Huang called Zhang Weiguang and said that the old man who ran into porcelain lived in the same building with her, called Zhou Danian.

Mrs. Huang gnashed her teeth and said: this weeks new year is really bad. He often deliberately touched porcelain and cheated many peoples money, which made people in our community hide far away from seeing the old man like seeing the God of plague. Once when I fell down, even my neighbor dared not help me.

Knowing that Aunt Huang is a lonely old man, many people ask her what difficulties she has. Mrs. Huang said with a smile, there is no difficulty, just in case of falling down, you should boldly lift me up.

This news has attracted the attention of the city leaders, and they are required to continue to report this aspect in depth. Zhang Weiguang took the opportunity to visit Aunt Huang, and wanted to dig for more news.

Whats wrong with you? asked Zhang Weiguang

I hit your car on purpose that day. In order to attract others attention, I pretended to be unconscious. What I vomited that day was not human blood, but chicken blood in my mouth beforehand.

Zhang Weiguang, more confused, couldnt help but ask again: people crash to extort money, but whats your crash plan? I offered you 500 yuan that day, but you dont want any money.

Mrs. Huang sighed and said, I want to go to the TV and let everyone know that this old woman named Huang Qiuju is a good person. If I have a long and short life in the future, others will dare to help me.. I dont have children. There are so many places to rely on others. I have to prepare early.