Story, collection and love protect her dignity

 Story, collection and love protect her dignity

Xiaomei and her first lover have a good recollection of the past, and the atmosphere becomes ambiguous unconsciously. At this time, Xiaomeis husband sent a text message: put 300 yuan more in your bag and pay for it when you leave.

The first lover drank too much and invited Xiaomei to sing in the private room. Xiaomei declined. Unexpectedly, he came over to invade Xiaomei. Xiaomei raised her hand and slapped him. Her first lover was stunned and shouted, who do you think you are, bitch? I dont want to pull you down. I see so many of you!

Xiaomei turns around and wants to leave. The man yells, do you know the rules? Aasystem is popular in the market! Xiaomei didnt even think about it. She took out 300 yuan from her bag and threw it on the table and spat at him.

Back home, Xiaomei found out that when she went out, she forgot to turn off the computer. Her husband must have known everything for a long time. And the three hundred yuan that her husband put in her bag was silent tolerance and love, which saved her dignity.