Douban 9.2, as long as it doesnt have a bad ending, it will be the best suspense drama in 2020, no one!

 Douban 9.2, as long as it doesnt have a bad ending, it will be the best suspense drama in 2020, no one!

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Iqiyis fog theater met Youkus suspense theater. To be honest, I first looked at the suspense online drama war with the mentality of the melon eaters, but I didnt expect that it was so cruel. Both sides produced good works, and then my eyes on the war changed, and I became full of expectation, because only I, as an audience, could be strong against each other See better suspense.

It seems that the audience has been shouting the spring of suspense fans since ten days game. I think its too early. Now the hidden corner is online, which means spring is coming.

But the second wave of competition seems to be not so simple. For Youku, its really too hard to take out a work to fight against the secret corner. How hard is it? Its hard to find a killer in the secret corner at the beginning. The score has soared from the initial 9.0 to the current 9.2. If the later performance is brilliant, maybe the score can be higher. Youku wants to win the second game. Theres no other way to win unless the second season of white night pursuit is offered.

Why on earth can the secret corner get such a high score? Of course, it is inseparable from the solid plot, the actors acting skills, the texture of photography, the excellent editing and the rigorous narration.

And the first episode has 76 minutes! Its the first time in Chinas online drama market, but its a long time. The plot is linked up one by one, so that there is no urine point in the whole process, so that the audience cant feel the existence of the time. Its really rare. After all, when you watch TV, you are most afraid of the plot being delayed and the lines being abandoned, but it can achieve no nonsense, no redundant fragments and titles in 76 minutes And the tail can form a closed-loop, do not play a five-star, can not be said.

Besides actors, Qin Hao + Wang Jingchun + Zhang Songwen, the top lineup of domestic crime literature and art films, said with a joke from netizens: a group of movie stars to shoot TV plays is simply a blow to dimensionality.

Qin Hao is the acting director at the level of movie emperor. Wang Jingchun just got the best actor of Berlin Film Festival last year. Zhang Songwen seems a little strange to the audience, but it doesnt matter. As long as they know that they are treasure actors, its OK. Im sorry for the super lineup if I dont make a big hit.

But in the actor part, I dont want to boast about these acting responsibilities. After all, you can see the acting skills of the three of them. Thats right. I want to boast about the other three: Rong Zishan, Shi PENGYUAN, Wang Shengdi, stranger. This is the little actor who plays the three children in the play, regardless of his familys age and lack of face. But the acting skills of others are online, even if there is no lines or eyes God is full of plays.

The lens processing of the secret corner has a sense of substitution. It is nostalgic, mysterious, artistic, restrained and chilly. There is a kind of illusion that LouYe and Diao Yinan mix together. The shooting and running skills are quite cinematic. No matter from the lens language or the construction of the atmosphere, they are all the same as the movie impression.

There are many long and panoramic scenes used in the plot, with huge amount of information and deeper sense of detail. Its good to show the real and intense inner mental activities hidden under the calm appearance without lines and sidelights. Instead, it uses the lens, which makes the play more profound, more worthy of deliberation and consideration.

I think there are two plays, which are not only worth studying online and TV plays, but also worth studying movies.

One is that Zhang Dongsheng, played by Qin Hao, goes to relatives and childrens full moon wine. There is no need to introduce this character here. From the words and eyes of others, it is easy to know that Zhang Dongsheng is an inverted son-in-law who is despised by his wife, parents in law, has no financial ability, has inner inferiority and cowardice. This gave Zhang Dongsheng enough motive to kill his parents in law.

The plot is not detailed here. You can feel the hearty and exquisite details of the play after watching it by yourself. If there is no accident, in the case of no bad ending, secret corner may become the best domestic suspense drama in 2020, or even be confident and get rid of maybe.

Its not exaggeration. A reasoning play that can achieve the whole process without reasoning is the highest level of suspense reasoning.

If you are a suspense lover, dont miss the secret corner!