Its worth the rest of your life to your talent

 Its worth the rest of your life to your talent

Because once her predecessor refused to pick her up when it was raining heavily, and at the same time, she didnt forget to say that she was too pretentious, so it rained.

To be honest, she was really angry and frustrated at that moment.

While Yi Qiu was still thinking about it, he was pulled out by a wechat of Lu Wen

Honey, its raining so hard. Youre going to get off work. Im on the way to pick you up now. Youre waiting for me in the company. Dont leave first.

Seeing this wechats Yiqiu, I feel very warm with a smile.


On the road from the company to the road, although accompanied by Lu Wens umbrella, Yi Qiu was still half wet, while Lu Wen was completely wet, because Lu Wen almost tilted his umbrella to Yi Qiu, although at that time Yi Qiu also played a small umbrella.

In the car, Lu Wen also said to Yiqiu, its raining too much. Go home and have some ginger tea and a hot bath. Dont catch a cold.

But in the end, Yi Qiu still didnt resist the cold air in rainy days. In addition, she was drenched. In the middle of the night, she found that she was burning, dizzy and heavy headed, and felt that she must have a fever.

All of a sudden, Lu Wen, who was still sleeping, got nervous. He skillfully touched Yiqius forehead, and then touched his own, saying, its hot. No way. Were going to the hospital. Ill take the temperature for you and measure your temperature first.

But I dont want to go to the hospital. Yi Qiu said weakly.


When Yi Qiu took his temperature, he found it was 38.3 degrees. Lu Wen didnt say anything. He took a blanket for Yi Qiu, who was already dressed, and then the princess picked her up directly. At that time, Yi Qiu pretended to be able to walk.

But Lu Wen said, you are so weak now. You have no strength. Dont worry. Your boyfriend is OK.

In this sentence, Yi Qiu, who was a little uncomfortable, was much better in an instant.


After arriving at the hospital, Yiqiu had a simple fever. The doctor said that after hanging two bottles of water, he could go home with some medicine.

Although its not very serious, Yi Qiu can still find his nervousness from Lu Wens expression. Suddenly, she feels that the big boy is really good to her, and there is a trace of loveliness in front of her.

You go to sleep. I need these two bottles of water for a long time.

Its OK. Ill be with you. Ill ask the nurse to pull out the needle when the water is almost finished. Please squint for a while.

Lu Wen comforted her in turn.

Because of the pain caused by the fever, Yi Qiu didnt want to talk any more. She closed her eyes slowly. She was afraid that if she opened her eyes for a little longer, tears would come out;

Because she was in love, she came to the hospital in the middle of the night alone a year ago to give a drip, but at that time she had a boyfriend.

But at that time, my boyfriend didnt do as well as the current one. I was sad to think of it.

She thought of her predecessor, who had not come to pick her up from work in the same heavy summer;

She also had a fever in the middle of the night. She called her predecessor, who was not worried at all, but told her to drink more hot water at the other end of the phone;

She thought of the night when she was crying and running in the street against the storm, which made her eyes wet;

She thought of the night when she went to the hospital to hang water in a taxi with a high fever;

She even remembered that when she came to her aunt, she couldnt eat cold because of the pain, but her predecessor said that your girls were too pretentious;

There are also two people about the weekend to see a movie, the former because of playing games forget the time to stand her up;

And she wanted to seek a hug in the street, but was coldly refused by her predecessor;


After the break-up, the former asked her to get back together, said he would change, said he was just a knife mouth tofu heart, in fact, his heart was loving her, bought her a lot of gifts to try to recover, but did not move her to make up her mind.

I thought that Yi Qiu would not fall in love again after breaking up with her ex, but when she met Lu Wen who was good to her, she just wanted to give herself a meeting and try to fall in love again.

And this try, then try out the right person.

Because Yi Qiu is with him:

You dont have to worry about his mood, he will take care of your temper;

He never gives you cold face, will not refuse your request, will also give you some requests;

For example, when it rains, he will give you an umbrella, when you come to your aunt, he will accompany you to rest and cook brown sugar and ginger tea for you; when you are sick, he will be busy before and after running for you in the hospital, even when you are wronged in the company, he will firmly believe in you and always stand on your side

So thinking about it, Yi Qiu finds that there is no harm without comparison. She thinks that when she is with her ex, those experiences are the daily life of all lovers.


After returning home in the morning, Yi Qiu still enjoys Lu Wens love for her. Lu Wen lets her go to bed;

Yi Qiu smiled and said to Lu Wen, I want to thank you for being sick this time, so that I can really see your kindness to me.

Turning to enter the bedroom, Yi Qiu suddenly finds that the morning light after the rain is so bright and warm when taking in the bedroom, as if it is the call and sublimation of love.

At this moment, she completely felt that, in a relationship, as long as you give me love, I will give you tolerance.

You give me three points of love, I give you seven points of heat; you give me a heart to heart, I give you not to leave.

Our love, this is an unspeakable fate, only sincere for sincere, can not be separated.

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