In the event of Miao Miao, parents should know how to protect their children when they are not friendly to them

 In the event of Miao Miao, parents should know how to protect their children when they are not friendly to them

Yesterday, Hao Jingfang, the author of Beijing folding and the talented daughter of Tsinghua University, sent a circle of friends and an article saying that she had been crying for a long time because of two cases related to children.

Jingfang theoryu2014u2014

I will do my best to continue to focus on child protection issues and strive to promote a little legal change. Only if we are brave can we change our childrens environment.

Among them, Mr. Yuan collected red envelopes, set up private extra-curricular classes, and Miao Miao was slapped by him.

Since the accident is still under investigation, its inconvenient to speculate about it.

At present, mummy Miao said that three points have been confirmedu2014u2014

First, Mr. Yuan once slapped Miao, as evidenced by the original chat records;

Second, Mr. Yuan illegally set up remedial classes for profit;

Third, the real names of several graduates testify that Mr. Yuan scolds and humiliates students.

A number of former students confirmed that Mr. Yuan often insulted his children, took off his pants and spanked them, poured tea water on his face; beat the students with books, exercise books, teaching sticks and triangle rulers; scolded them for being coquettish and shameless. But the headmaster said the teacher was very professional and excellent

Yuyan saidu2014u2014

First of all, we cannot demonize the group of teachers.

The employees of any profession are normally distributed, and most of them are ordinary residents.

In the relationship between teachers and students, teachers are the Party of absolute power, children belong to the Party of unconditional obedience, especially the children of primary school students and kindergartens, from psychological to physical are completely weak.

For any child who meets such rubbish as teacher yuan, the harm they suffer is irreversible.

It is prohibited by the State Education Commission to run classes without permission or beat students. This is the bottom line of a teachers behavior.

It is said that Changzhou is not a closed area. There are teachers who slap their children openly, and no one cares about it for 20 years. Whether the primary school has the responsibility to shirk.

Now, this incident has been hot searched. There should be a saying.

Unfortunately, 12-year-old Miao will never come back.

Parents dont have to be consistent with society and teachers

Chen Yu, director of China Vocational Research Institute, Peking University, wrote a messageu2014u2014

When we used to be head of the family, we always wanted to be consistent with the society and teachers. Now it seems wrong. Let children feel that home is their last support and care.

This sentence really refers to the heart of sister Yu Yan.

When Yu Yan was young, most parents were the kind who always wanted to be consistent with their teachers.

No parents dare to tell their children that if they can not listen to the teacher, the teacher is not necessarily right.

Zheng Yuanjies son studies in Beijing key primary school, and the teacher will scold the child as well: stupid, stupid, if you have any IQ problems, you cant catch up with Shi.

When it comes to Zheng Yuanjie, he is a rare pioneer parent who believed in appreciating education and independent personality in the 1980s. He has long been the model of YuYans parents.

Now, make complaints about Zheng Yuanjies son Zheng Yaqi. Most of his family education hours make complaints about Tucao teachers and Tucao schools.

The title of that composition is one of my most unforgettable things. Old Zheng wrote one for his son and failed.

After that, the nanny also helped write an article about helping grandma cross the road, which was regarded as a positive energy model by the teacher.

In the teachers eyes, ten million best-selling writers are inferior to nannies. Later, Zheng Yuanjies father and son talked about it as jokes.

u25b2 Zheng Yuanjie is a rare parent who endows children with independent personality in the 1980s and 1990s

First: dont take authority seriously, dont take face seriously.

A teacher is a profession, a person who takes money to work, not so lofty and great, and his words are not necessarily the truth.

Whether its teachers, schools, or future leaders and units, are passers-by in your life.

People live for themselves, not for other peoples evaluation, let alone this other people is not important.

Second, we should learn how to serve the sun and violate the Yin.

Its a necessary skill to be good at resolving emotions by yourself in a world full of formalism.

No matter what you are asked to do, you should have a good one first.

Smile on your face and MMP in your heart. If you understand this, you wont hurt yourself.

Third, tell the children not to be afraid of going out, its nothing to resist.

When sister Yan was young, she was often told to shoot the first bird with a gun. If she didnt agree with the group, she would die.

When they were little, their enlightenment reading was why fit in when you were born different?.

Now, we should also tell our children that there is nothing wrong with being a maverick and not afraid to be an outsider who dares to be different.

Last but not least, what Mr. Chen Yu saidu2014u2014

Parents must let their children know that they have the ability to protect their children and always stand by their children.

The thresholds for children and adults are different.

Children are sensitive and self abased and will blame themselves for everything.

As a result, sweet bean told me that there was a little boy in the class who often bullied her, such as robbing her. So once the boy passed her, she stretched out her feet and tripped him. Unexpectedly, the little boy fell down.

Its estimated that there is nothing wrong and no injury, because the teacher didnt contact me, but the teacher said to Doug, XX family has money, youre going to hurt others, and your family cant bear it.

Sweet bean is really scared. Ive been thinking about it. I cant eat it anymore. Do this.

I thought about it and replied, our family is so rich that we dont have to be afraid of such and such.. However, being rich doesnt necessarily mean there is a reason. Its still the reason that is most useful.

Sweet beans nodded with tears in their heads. Say I know.

However, it has a great psychological shadow on her.

I asked her if she had tripped up again? She said no.

So I explained: our family has cars in Canada, better than theirs. It is in Beijing that we should live a low-carbon life and not bring pollution to crowded cities.

In the eyes of adults, a little bit of P cant be passed in the eyes of children. The bullied children cant walk out of the shadow after many years.

As a parent, we must let our children know that home is your safe harbor. No matter who says you are not right, mom and dad will protect you. No one can deny you or intimidate you.

Human beings are eager to get the identity of the same kind. The younger they are, the more they want to get the identity, especially the identity of their parents.

With the support of parents, children will not fall into a desperate situation, and will greatly reduce the probability of extreme events.

Parents should not be counseled when they should come forward

Every one of us is the builder of the system, and parents should not be counseled when they come forward.

Michelle Obama, born in poverty, is an outstanding woman who has achieved class leap.

She attributed her success to family education.

Michelles father is a plumber, and her mother is a housewife. The family is living in a tight living with relatives.

However, as an uneducated black woman, Michelles mother showed admirable bravery.

When Michelle was in second grade, the neighborhood was in decline, and the school was in decline.

At that time, she met a very irresponsible teacher. The whole class was assigned to a cold basement. The teacher scolded the students as bad children and left the classroom in chaos.

When Michelles mother heard her daughters complaint, she chimed in and said no.

At the insistence of Michelles mother, several children with good grades in the class were able to cut into the third grade.

Not only that, the quiet mother also denounced the teacher of the sheep class: you are not worthy of being a teacher, you should go to the grocery store to be a cashier.

Michelle later recalled, Mom will take my depression seriously. This little thing has changed my life.

Later, Michelle, like her mother, became a brave woman.

Unlike Michelles mother, I have experienced many cases in which parents still maintain the authority of teachers in front of their children after their children have been humiliated by teachers. They beat their children with an attitude of change when there is something and encourage when there is nothing, and even continue to ask their children to be obedient and listen to their teachers.

This will only lead to children no longer believe in their parents, think that no one can help themselves, and then fall into a helpless situation.

It has to be said that for Yuans corporal punishment, Miao Miaos parents only communicated with each other afterwards. They didnt question the teacher from the beginning to the end and admitted that their children were also wrong.

According to sister Yan, corporal punishment is strictly prohibited by the Education Committee.

If a teacher slaps a student, he should tell the school. If the school doesnt deal with it, he should continue to report it to the Education Committee.

As for Miao Miaos death, the school was cold and evasive, the students were silent, and the whole classs parents held out their thumbs in the class group, which was shocking.

What a disgusting environment it is.

Sad to say, what Miaos parents regret most now is that when their children were beaten for the first time, they didnt fight resolutely and transferred their children to other schools.

To be honest, our society does not have a friendly environment for children, so it needs moreu2014u2014

First, parents become the solid backing of their children and stand with them unconditionally;

Second, parents form alliances, support each other, united front and say no to evil.

Look at Michelle as a mother and Zheng Yuanjie as a father.

Every parent must know how to protect their children.

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