All changed! China Mobile releases super SIM card

 All changed! China Mobile releases super SIM card

It is reported that China Mobiles super SIM card enhances the security capability, realizes the upgrade of the interface of the SIM card, and provides high-quality containers with multiple services, large capacity and high security level through space opening and multi application security isolation, and provides secure storage space for 5g users network identity authentication and application sensitive data, which is a major technical innovation in the SIM card field.

The technology architecture of super SIM card includes four parts: hardware layer, cos layer, application basic capability layer and application layer. Each layer introduces new technology features.

On the basis of ISO7816 interface, SWP interface is added in hardware layer to support NFC card swiping with mobile communication terminal.

In COS layer, BiP protocol is added to allow SIM card and server to establish IP based data connection and provide lightweight SIM card access technology.

In the application basic capability layer, all kinds of security capabilities of SIM card, including the computing capability of cryptographic algorithm, the security storage capability of card space, and the dynamic management capability of application, are provided to the upper application through the standard unified API.

In the application layer, through GP application management technology, the SIM card space is divided into several security domains, which are isolated by firewall and open to host applications.

China Mobile said that the display of SIM cards external capabilities can not be separated from the support of the terminal, and the standard and unified interface of SIM card is the basic condition to realize the opening of SIM cards capabilities.

Combined with the original organic card channel, the super SIM card can provide four interface capabilities for terminal app and business platform, including SMS, local card interface, BIP and NFC, to meet various online and offline trading scenarios.

Source: editor in charge of fast technology: Xue Jingyu_ NBJS10393