One year after licensing, the 5g era is far from coming

 One year after licensing, the 5g era is far from coming

A year later, have you used a 5g mobile phone? What are the different experiences of 5g? Where can it be used?

5g mobile phone selection becomes more

From nearly ten thousand yuan at the beginning of listing to 1599 yuan now, its less than a year. At the beginning of this year, the price of 5g mobile phones has been in a big dive. Various manufacturers have launched 2000 yuan level products. At present, the cheapest price is the starting price of redmi10x, 1599 yuan, which marks the beginning of the storm of 5g popularization.

The appearance of low and medium price 5g mobile phones also means more choices. In just a few months, 5g mobile phones almost cover all the mainstream price segments, and will soon become the main force of market shipment. On June 9, China Academy of communications released the analysis report on the operation of domestic mobile phone market in May 2020. According to the report, in May 2020, the domestic market shipped 15.643 million 5g mobile phones, accounting for 46.3% of the same periods mobile phone shipments, while maintaining the momentum of rapid growth.

Photo source: China Academy of Communications

At the same time, major mobile phone manufacturers have announced that they will not launch 4G mobile phones in the future, instead, allin5g. Indeed, we can also clearly feel that no matter online or offline, all pervasive mobile advertising is telling consumers: This is the 5g era. So is that really the case?

5g brings less bonus to mobile phones

In sharp contrast to the popularity of 5g mobile phones, it seems that not many people are willing to pay for 5g itself. We can find that in the newly released mobile phones in recent months, the manufacturers propaganda efforts in performance, appearance, screen, photography and other aspects are obviously much more than 5g, and the consumers are also very appreciative. Buying 5g mobile phones is more about the powerful performance, high screen swiping, high zoom and other functions, as if 5g is just a symbolic existence - it must be, but may not be used.

The reason is very simple. The marginal benefit of improving the network speed is getting lower and lower. Even if 5g is faster, the best thing is that the buffered video can wait a few seconds less, which will not improve the quality of the experience. Instead, it will cost a lot of money. On the other hand, although manufacturers are trying to publicize that SOC + external baseband will not let the endurance diabetes insipidus, 5g flagship this year has increased the battery capacity This seems to be the most honest reaction of the body. So some people buy 5g mobile phones, but use 4G package, and even choose to turn off 5g to improve the network experience because of the anxiety of endurance and imperfect signal coverage. It seems that 5g general lost his place in the world.

Obviously, we would like to see some jobs that only 5g can do, but they may not appear so soon or only on mobile phones. Looking back at the stage of 4G transformation, the popularization of 4G network accelerates the penetration speed of mobile Internet, and smart phones, as the best carrier of mobile Internet, also share the biggest dividend of 4G era, so we feel the convenience of video call on mobile phones, experience the pleasure of mobile games, and witness the popularity of short videos. So will killer apps in 5g era appear on mobile phones? Not necessarily. 5g is an age when everything is connected. All devices can access the network. Mobile phones may be a center, but they are no longer the only carrier.

Where can 5g be used

5g network has the characteristics of high bandwidth, low delay and low power consumption, and the most important thing is to support massive equipment interconnection. In addition to mobile phones, our biggest ideas for it come from the Internet of things, the Internet of vehicles, driverless, corporate office, AR / VR and other fields.

Take driverless driving as an example. At present, driverless driving may only be experienced by a few car owners. Each driverless car is more like an independent individual and cannot form a network. But the 5G era may change this situation, that is to say, all vehicles will be under the same network and subject to unified control, which will make the allocation of traffic resources more reasonable, reduce unnecessary waste of resources, and avoid the occurrence of safety accidents. However, the above mentioned is not only possible to build a good 5G network, but also needs the automobile industry, transportation industry and many other industries The integration of industries, laws and regulations is also an inextricable threshold, and compared with these, 5g is only the most basic access conditions.

Therefore, it must be admitted that the current environment is far from meeting the requirements of implementing the above scenarios. The maturity of any generation of network technology can not be separated from the long-term practice accumulation. Whats more, Chinas 5g construction is at the forefront of the world. Although this is very proud, it also shows from another perspective that the industrial layout and application development of 5g is a very strange field. There is no ready-made solution and all the pits need to be stepped on by themselves. This is also Chinas 5g construction Whats different from 3G and 4G. The emergence of 5g application still needs the improvement of infrastructure, the integration of many technology industries, and long-term accumulation.

No matter what we think of 5g now, we cant deny that 5g will accelerate its popularity in the next few years. We believe that what 5g can bring us is a full scene experience, not just a mobile phone with faster Internet speed. Mobile phones will not be the end of 5g, but the starting point of 5g. The 5g era is a world of interconnection of all things, which requires the evolution of more industries, which can not be completed overnight. Only when the downstream industry relying on 5g technology becomes mature, can we feel its charm. After all, the real 5g era is far from coming.

Source: responsible editor of geek Park: Xue Jingyu_ NBJS10393