The partys rumor is false This is how they were killed in wechat

 The partys rumor is false This is how they were killed in wechat

A set of text template, the title changes a keyword to distribute different channels, and the target readers immediately believe it and forward it actively. In recent years, the evolution and re evolution of the illegal content in wechat have made it impossible for you to distinguish the true from the false.

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Title parties searching for gold on the edge of wechat red line

The party is a special style. Look at the title, you think the world will not be good. The end is coming. After reading the text, you think the world is still that world. I can also continue to look forward to the style of tomorrow. The content is serious, the title is exaggerated, then this kind of content is 100% title party. But if the content and the title are consistent in terms of exaggeration, its not the title party, its the rumor.

In the guardian plan conference themed wechat malicious marketing and illegal external chain management, Jiang Peng, wechat product manager, introduced wechats classification, upgrading and handling of the title party to us. According to wechat, the title party is divided into three categories:

1. The title party of incitement, exaggeration, intimidation and insult

2. Mislead the party through sexual Association, superstition, emergency notice, etc

For example: there is a secret behind such a thing that my sister-in-law and my brother-in-law do in broad daylight, urgent notice, people in XX district should know about this thing that happened three hours ago, people who dont have this mole behind may end up like him

Solution: the title party related to pornography and vulgarity will also be severely punished in wechat ecosystem.

3. The title of health preserving type

For example: eggplant is eaten directly without peeling, washing and washing, and there are so many wonderful things that you cant imagine; iron pot with pottery pot, stewed soup is even more nutritious?

Solution: this kind of content is relatively less harmful, but because middle-aged and elderly users like to see and share this kind of content, wechat has chosen to cooperate with professional institutions such as popular science China to push this kind of content after identification.

But the title party is actually just a part of the black water in wechat ecosystem. There are more organizations and platforms in wechats sewer that seek benefits in the era of attention economy by means of content and operation. For example, articles that often rumor about the death of celebrities use Zhong Nanshan reminds To make a headline rumor, they are to attract your attention and your attention.

As the largest user gathering place of Chinese Internet, wechat does not lack traffic. How to pull traffic from wechat and guide pull traffic to external websites for cash? This is the problem of black production. Therefore, there are many professional groups doing malicious traffic guidance and malicious traffic production business on wechat.

Using eye-catching information to induce normal users to visit specific pages; using prizes and many other benefits that will not be realized to induce users to pay attention to and forward; using some old content to find the target population to gain recognition and high stickiness. The Chinese businessman, which was first mentioned, is a matrix which uses draining the official account. What you see is not the Chinese, the title party, false red envelopes, vulgar literature, local literature, and the history of nothingness, but the hook. Hook you in and try to cash you in.

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There are also a lot of false propaganda and junk marketing in wechat. Breast augmentation, weight loss, Yang strengthening, heightening and sexual health care are the black five categories in wechat. Such propaganda articles usually have very exaggerated effect descriptions and fake user feedback, and some have vulgar sexual provocative content They will make up stories like tea girls, who have passed the secret of the family for centuries, and will help save the old Chinese medicine. These contents will guide users to pay attention to the official account, add personal WeChat and add group to complete the cash and harvest after the user has settled.

In the case of Chinese business difficulty, for example, in addition to the specific content to attract users to guide the traffic mode, it also includes the control of a large number of accounts for manual traffic operation. From the initial proxy IP protocol brush to manual brush, now it has developed to manual crowdsourcing brush. The platform sends orders, and ordinary users receive rewards for performing tasks to evolve into a combination mode of machine + labor. The whole industrial chain is becoming more and more perfect and diversified.

Social account sales

In this case, the flow of creative content is not important, and the credit system begins to be impacted. Zhong Guangjun, director of wechat security risk control center, said that the reason why this industry chain has developed to this stage is that we have addictive dependence on malicious traffic related links.

False traffic is a problem that every platform worries about

After introducing traffic, what will be the next step of black production?

How will they use the illegal production to control so much traffic?

Part of the traffic can be directly publicized to the black five in wechat, so that people can increase and breast, and then realize the traffic. For example, the front is the vulgar pornographic content, which is what we call little yellow text, through which users can click on the content that most easily attracts traffic. But as soon as the conversation turns around, the second half of the article may be advertising scripts, selling you health care products, sexual products, family planning products The products boast so much that you think you will miss a billion if you dont buy them.

In addition, the realization of black production is basically realized by guiding traffic to external websites.

Code content is pornographic

First of all, its the book city, which can steal high-quality content such as articles and novels from regular copyright websites. Then, by changing the title, people cant distinguish the name of the characters. Finally, one or two chapters will be published from the wechat account controlled by them. Interested readers will be attracted by the content inside, and guide users to external websites through the links inside The book city web page. If users want to continue to read these novels, they have to recharge, which is the way to cash in.

This method is not only suspected of infringement and plagiarism, but also uses malicious traffic to obtain revenue, with extremely low cost and high profit. And this kind of jump outside website way, also may jump to gambling city and other illegal organization, let a person put money in above. These flows become the flow pool of many black productions, and harvest a wave when needed.

Then there are threatening types of compulsory rewards, such as no reward for bad luck, blood disaster in the future and dont let the curse stop here. Up to now, there are more and more rewards for Geely, give me 8.88, you can send it this year and reward this article, the happiness of mice around you for a hundred years. This kind of reward is to use users fear and superstition to collect money. They let users choose to spend money to eliminate disasters and donate merits.

After getting traffic, whether its to let you watch advertisements, purchase or reward, its all to change traffic (you) into real gold and silver.

Its hard to seal people behind wisdom and courage

Behind these ashes, the platform has been fighting with them for wisdom and courage.

For infringement, rumor and headline party content, wechat will let readers know that the content cant be trusted through the notification of the official platform.

Official account registration official account was set up for WeChat in February 2018 and November. The number of official account numbers for the same identity card was 1. The number of public registrations of the same enterprise, individual business and other organizations was 2, which limits the scale of the two group. The number of registered public numbers of the same official account is 2.

In March this year, wechat also launched a 100 day clean wind plan special action on ecological governance. We will manage the content ecology of each link of wechat, and further clean up the content such as the title party, malicious drainage, vulgar speculation, regional attacks, and dissemination of pseudoscience. At the same time, we will strengthen content management through technical audit, manual inspection and user reporting.

Since January this year, wechat has dealt with more than 1 million confirmed illegal external links, with an overall decline of 35% in user reporting, 40% in induced sharing links, and 60% in red packet fraud.

But the blow is not easy. When the law is attacking the behavior of malicious guiding traffic, it needs to see whether the published content has a basis. Because many events are constantly changing, it is difficult to make a determination in the first time. The second is that there is no clear judgment standard for the identification of causing serious public disorder stipulated by law. The third is that in the identification of subjective intention of disseminating false information, it is difficult for law to determine whether the forwarding of ordinary individual users is intentional dissemination of false information.

Zhao Yuxian of Tencent Security Strategy Research Center said that the platform attack is effective, but the platform can only attack the content and account of doing evil, not the people behind it. He said that the continuous confrontation between the platform and the black industry will continue to exist, but it is difficult to completely eradicate it, because it will continue to do such things driven by the interests, and we also need the full range of governance by law, platform and industry linkage.

Our previous attack is on information and account. You can dispose of its information and account, but the touch to these people may not be enough. Because they are driven by interests, they will keep trying to bypass your strategy. Even if the number is sealed, he can change a number, and he can also change an enterprise entity or ID card for registration.

The perpetrators are still there, and the cost of doing evil is very low.

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