We cant control the growth of age, but we can set the dress up

 We cant control the growth of age, but we can set the dress up

I like the youth between the mother and daughter. They are very energetic and stylish. When I saw them, my first reaction was her husband is really happy. The mother uses the white tight suspender to wear the dark green wave point tight cardigan, and the deep V collar shows the inner lap edge to increase the sense of hierarchy. The 20-year-old girls dressing skills are transformed into her exclusive style by her using a dark green color suitable for her age, with a strong sense of belonging.

If you dont like to show your legs, you can also match with sky blue jeans. If you have a good figure, you can choose to wear tight holes. If you are slightly fat, you can choose to drag the floor with a straight tube.

Clothes with Han Dynasty elements are becoming more and more popular. Although the elder sister in the picture above didnt choose the special immortal long Hanfu, the feeling of the three people is very different. White regular top, because the body is shorter than ordinary T-shirt, so it looks clean and fresh. The collar of rose red embroidered shirt with foam sleeve and age reduction is very important. Its not that greasy age reduction, so its not shocking as a whole.

Its also safe to wear with the black 5-point shorts, because its not as revealing as the 3-point shorts and looks gentle and gentle.

Some people think that there is only one kind of dressing style when you are old, that is obedient and calm. The style of dressing like little sister belongs to out of the ordinary, because the whole aura doesnt radiate the brilliance of women. However, its worth learning. Although we cant compare it with Yang Mi and Zhao Liying who have given birth to children, there is no problem in the actual body control.

Black Slim Fit short T with army green overalls is handsome and charming. The style with slightly exposed navel is the age reducing skill. However, if you want to wear the whole body and show the leg length, you can change the leg binding style into the straight tube style.

The last one is to match the white satin top with the dark blue skinny jeans. Although todays topic is to take these sets of wear as the minimum standard for age reduction, the style of elder sisters choice is very marginal, which basically belongs to the old-fashioned one. There is no problem in the matching of clothes and fabrics, and the selection of the top is also very elegant, that is, the price of jeans is a little down.