Zaras new model is ready to go. Its so beautiful that its good to wear it!

 Zaras new model is ready to go. Its so beautiful that its good to wear it!

Dont know how to wear it in early summer? Shirt + Capris is the most common way to wear. Women in the workplace dress like Spanish queens.

I whispered to you that as soon as this blue shirt is on the top, it has been touched eight times by the photographers little sister. While touching the shirt (me), I said: how does this blue look so good? How can the fabric be so smooth? How can you dress so high?

Hahaha, because its really good-looking! Satin water blue in the sun, there is a kind of sparkling sense of flow, set off Xiaozheng dry and gentle roar, proud to shake his hair uff5e

I know that there are many girls who are afraid of wearing shirts and feel rigid, dull and like the salesgirls little sister. In fact, as long as you choose your shirts well, you wont have such troubles. You cant choose the fabric that is too rigid. Its better to bring a sense of draping, while the satin material is more points. For example, this shirt is for me. You can choose the one with a small silhouette and dont wear it close to your body to have a sense of neatness.

The details of this shirt are also made in Hins exquisite way. The buttons in the same color are high-end. Please like it! When wearing, remember to untie a few buttons, lengthen the neck line, easily show five Jin thin.

High waist design, with a belt, to create the illusion of legs below the chest, continue to show five Jin thin! The silver accessories on the belt buckle can add fashion and highlights to the look. Whats more, the pants are made of recycled plastic fiber, which can reduce environmental pollution. In addition, this pair of pants to participate in spring and summer discounts, half price start as long as 159 yuan!

Im wearing black sandals made of satin. They are in the same color as pants, so they can show leg length. And shirt a way of thinking, satin material is particularly easy to show advanced. Unfortunately, this pair of shoes is only 39 Ma, so my size 39.5 jio is a bit cramped. Please remember to buy half of the size. Spring and summer discount will be reduced by 100 yuan! 199.

Since its a smart working womans dress, you have to wear a tote bag. This Zara tote bag is amazing. The vertical stripe design is fashionable, and the stitching fabric has its own texture; the shoulder belt can be adjusted, which can be carried by hand or shoulder back. Whats more surprising is that it has a pin design, so you can put it on the ground without worrying about dirtying the bag

Although there is no zipper in the bag, the design is reasonable. There is a piece of black leather that can block the middle and effectively prevent stealing. Moreover, a small bag can be brought with it to hold important small objects. Only 199 after folding, rush!

Blue shirt, black pants, black shoes, striped bag, all included in one shot, advanced enough to cry!

Elder sister is coming, everyone get out of the way!


Xiao Zheng has said this theory 10086 times. Its not only for commuting, but also for playing. You say, high is not high, Xiao is not smart, beautiful is not greasy?!

In fact, the coat is the one that I used to wear in Zara fitting room last time. Its the one that sister roise has worn countless times. She is also black and white!

Gangzhen, at first I was also very resistant to bodysuits. I always felt it inconvenient to go to the bathroom. But, in fact, its not as annoying as you think! There is a button under the bodysuit. It can be pulled and pressed. It can take less than 2 seconds. Its super simple.

Pants are the most popular style of paper bag pants, with high waist design and elastic belt suitable for lazy people like me. Four buttons are highlights; slightly loose style is super comfortable. There are army green and navy blue in the same model, which should be thinner by visual inspection.

Because the pants are beige, so I have the same color bag and shoes. At sunset, this picture is really beautiful.

As for this pair of brown high-heeled slippers, its a particularly popular one this year, especially the retro square design. No pair of them is fashionable. In fact, I had been green before, but I still think the double coke is more advanced and easy collocation. 8cm heel but very easy to walk, and inside and outside are 100% suede, good quality is moving! 399% off! Dont say anything, just buy it!

Walking in Greenwich Village, New York, its very smart and neat!

French elegance

In the zhengermos weekly the day before yesterday, many readers left a message saying that Princess Mary of Denmark had a good look at her flower skirt. After all, its summer and everyone cant help wearing Fafa skirts.

When it comes to Fafa skirts, no one can compare with French bloggers. Please see the demonstration of blogger Jeanne Damas. She likes to wear knitwear with flower skirt most, which is a kind of effortless fashion.

Xiao Zheng also chose a set of soft light purple knitwear with flower skirt. The nude pink bag and the pink color in the skirt are in the same color, and the high-end wear is well matched.

Why do you want to buy Knitwear in summer? Sorry, its all Zara! Open the Zara applet last week, and the picture will appear on the homepage. Its beautiful to this delicate and elegant twist, light purple, and deliberately made old jewel buttons. It can resist not placing an order. Zheng Jingyoure a man!

After receiving it, I was shocked for ten seconds! People used to joke that the good-looking Zara was in the model picture, and the Buyer show and the seller show were almost 18000 miles away. However, this dress (in fact, almost all clothes received this time) is what you see is what you get. The Buyer show equals the seller show!

I have no pressure to wear this light purple yellow leather. The neckline is not high or low. I like the details and buttons of this dress too much. After I wear it, I feel that I have a quiet time.

The same style also has a more pink color, which is suitable for white skin stars. Its the flower skirt I chose ha ha. I wont tell you. Im inspired by the following model picture.

The flower skirt is made up of white, red, light blue and dark blue. The flower patterns are in disorder. I mended my brain. Except for the light purple and pink tops, white and blue can match.

Since time is quiet, dont take a big tote bag. A small bucket bag is just right. Once again, I was surprised by Zaras bag - the water bucket bag has a vertical texture design, so it has a more layered sense. The drawstring design on both sides can be adjusted according to the capacity, more flexible and convenient.

The design and color of the skirt are more complex, and the length is slightly longer, so choose a pair of fresh transparent sandals. The PVC part is very soft, and the upper Ji is not worn at all. My pair of 40 is just right, with a large area exposed to the foot, showing a height of 5cm.

By the way, the knitwear is a little long. Its better to tie a knot and make a high waist line by hand.


Nordic cold wind also has to come. For example, Anouk yve, a very simple blogger I like very much, likes the deep and light color system of the earth, which is pleasing to the eyes.

I also chose a color system like this. In fact, Im sorry, I didnt choose it. Its the idea of dressing and matching copied directly from Zara applet.

The beige color of the top is super high, exclusive to the rich; the belt can create a high waistline.

Warm tip: dont buy big blouse. My m is a little big, so the sleeve cage is too big, and underwear is easy to run out.

And the pleated pants were touched eight times by the photographers little sister again! A kind of As you know, pleats are full of rich and advanced materials. With a sense of texture, it adds layers to the earth color system. The design of elastic waistband is comfortable and does not want to take off,

The T-shaped sandals on both sides are very special, with a sense of calm and restraint, and very unique. More specifically, it uses an elastic technology material shoe pad made of latex compound foam, which is comfortable and first-class. The 6 centimeter thick heel is even more vigorous.

The same color system is the most easy to show high-end, so I equipped with a beige tote bag, which is properly installed in the computer; the small bag on the outside is designed, very intimate.

A relatively plain body, it must be equipped with a pair of earrings to make the finishing point. I havent paid attention to Zaras jewelry for a long time. This time, I was shocked by the gold and silver earrings. I really have no power to fight against such rough texture jewelry. This imperfection is really moving.

Im out of stock again. Ive chosen the following bright face style for you. Only 79% off! Buy it.

Elder sister came to wipe, said good expression to restrain, cant laugh, poker face has practiced several times to match this body cold wind, how to walk and laugh again? A kind of


Romantic literature and art

This summer, the most popular is the bubble sleeve, no one! However, Xiao Zheng has a wide shoulder, so he is afraid that he cant control it.

Bart, I learned later that in fact, there are 369 grades for bubble sleeves. As long as you choose the right style, you can actually show that your shoulders are narrow. For example, in my case, there are not many pleats on the shoulder of the bubble sleeve, which is a little like the lantern sleeve, that is, the thin bubble sleeve.

The fabric is made of the thinnest thread knitting, and the V-neck design double is thin; with this row of gold buttons, it adds fashion to a neutral color.

Many people say that basic clothes are easy to wear; in fact, its because of the lack of detail. In addition to the gold buttons, the most striking part of my knitted skirt is the bottom of the fishtail skirt, which looks like a mermaid. You say, where is boring in this basic style?

Look at the back, the skirt can outline the figure curve, very feminine. After the discount, only 159, the assistant sister said that she must rob later!

Dress color is darker, can use white bag bag and sandal embellishment. Shoes are the most simple and atmospheric square head slipper design. Thick heels are easy to walk without tiredness. White is especially suitable for summer. Vamp is 100% cow leather, as long as 399, its not scientific!

Actually, this pair of slippers is self-contained, so dont worry about jio rushing forward. The same color is coffee and lilac. The assistant little sister has ordered the coffee color and is waiting for the delivery happily.

The bag comes with crocodile texture, strong and stylish, first-class concave shape, and comes with a silver chain, which can be shoulder back. The discount is 199 yuan. Its worth the ticket price!

There is also a green grass, white soft and versatile, green grass full of personality.

I really like the skirt when I walk. Its flying in the wind. Its hard to open my eyes. It completely ignores the fact that I have a small stomach. I really recommend this dress. Except for the dog days, it can be worn at other times. When its cold, add a suit, windbreaker or coat, and replace sandals with boots. Be sure to enter!

After writing, which one do you like best among the five shapes of flower scattering? Leave a message and tell Xiao Zheng!

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