Super beautiful dress is the best choice in summer

 Super beautiful dress is the best choice in summer

The partial skirt is very similar to the French tea break skirt. The front uses overlapping to form a V-neck, so that the front chest is exposed properly. At the same time, the deep V-neck design strengthens the visual depth, which can decorate the small square face and small round face. Folding the cuff can make the sleeve thicker and highlight the arm.

The wide belt, like a wide waistband effect, strengthens the slim waistline, the skirt body of the big swing at the bottom, revealing the fluffy space. In summer, such water blue is also very eye-catching. The sky color washed after rain is fresh and artistic.

The combination of shirt and skirt combines the advantages of the two kinds of clothes. Shirt skirt is a translucent effect. With the design of stripes, it looks very elegant. The longitudinal lines can extend the visual upward and downward curves, and play a role of pulling up. The waist is outlined with a belt, which follows the nature.

Purple dress, the color is very eye-catching, purple color is also a unique decorative color for women, such raglan sleeve lines are smooth, simple, loose, low sleeve cage, easy to move.

The pleats made by machine pressing form a natural texture effect on the lower half of the skirt. When walking, they produce the flow of light and shadow. The waistline is made of the same color belt, which is full of the feeling of legs under the chest. This kind of dress is very simple. It doesnt need any fancy items to convey the lazy and casual taste.

Burgundy is a feminine color. The sleeve design is loose and natural, suitable for wide shouldered sisters to wear. It can weaken the shoulder line. The waist and bottom hem are added with the design of pleats. They echo up and down. If you want to move comfortably, you need to wear a pair of wide line sandals.

The dress is usually made of crisp fabric with commuter style. The style of small high collar is very simple. A-shaped design is used at the bottom. The enlarged skirt creates a loose space. The hand woven rattan bag adds some new ideas to the shape.

The shirt skirt of tooling style is used to cover the design of the bag on the front chest, with a little neutral taste. The shirt skirt is a common item in summer. The color of this skirt is deep, and it looks stable and low-key for mature women. The waist is tied with a thin belt, supplemented by high-heeled sandals and a strong color scarf, which makes the dark color look slim and soft for women.

Beige Tower Skirt, the skirt as a number of large structures, in the repetition of the show a sense of rhythm, showing a light effect. Loose dress, a thin suit outside, can block the chill in the air-conditioned room. Moreover, the suit also adjusts the romantic and elegant style of the skirt to light and mature style.