Chen Songling, 49, was stunned to show birdie legs in jeans shorts

 Chen Songling, 49, was stunned to show birdie legs in jeans shorts

Its said that denim shorts are a rotten street, but it can be found that its upper body rate is not low. Its suitable for all ages. In terms of collocation, its also the kind of greasy strip. No matter what kind of coat can be perfectly matched, especially for the girl with thin legs in the lower body. No matter its loose or tight, its short to the thigh. Like Chen Songling, the top is indeed too conservative and looks bloated, but after matching with cowboy shorts, it is found that the slender legs of birds make girls blush.

For older women, what they want to wear is comfort and nature. In terms of dressing, they take complexity as simplicity, avoid being too tedious to highlight the focus of modeling. Of course, in order to avoid being too monotonous, it is feasible to use some small details to decorate to meet the needs of fashion. Chen Songling, 49, is not old-minded. She is very careful about the details. The iconic dress and hat are matched with light colored scarves. She has no burden of idolatry in the face of camera shooting. She squints at the shooting with V-shaped hands, which is so cute. Unexpectedly, her sister is also a lovely woman.

The style and charm of shorts are different with different materials. The classic tannin fabric belongs to the hot and sexy style. The pure color material is obviously more simple for ladies. Although its not as hot as jeans shorts, its not bad in modifying leg shape. Its more refreshing and sweet to match loose top. For example, Chen Songlings body, plaid shirt with white leisure shorts, is fresh, sweet and has the style of little sister. Although there is no charming S-shaped curve, she is at least 10 years younger.

The shorts are fresh and energetic, but the trousers are not bad. The tight jeans can show the beauty of your legs. They can also show your charm when you wear them. Generally, the matching of jeans is quite simple. The standard matching is T-shirt, which uses the upper and lower elastic way to create a simple and neat shape, which is suitable for older women. Chen Songling is wearing them White T-shirt top with skinny jeans, fresh and comfortable, with micro roll long hair, cant see a woman running five at all.