Pure desire shirt + Muller shoes is very popular this summer. Its very foreign!

 Pure desire shirt + Muller shoes is very popular this summer. Its very foreign!

Draw a point, these two skirts have my beauty, lace, flowers, square collar this element applied together, especially in white or light color single, give a pure and desire feeling. This year, pure desire wind is very popular. Its not right if you have less sex appeal. Its not right if you have more pure and in place. The right mix of pure and sexy is really easy to get people on top, and it has nothing to do with age.

When many fairies see pure desire wind, they may think of suspenders, which are relatively cool, but in fact, suspenders can only be regarded as one of the attributes. Pure desire wind represents a popular trend and style, and is not limited to suspenders and dresses. Many of them can wear this feeling, but they also have common characteristics.

Liya really loves all kinds of pure desire shirts recently. She can wear them with comfortable shoes for a week. Dont say much, hurry to start our dressing class today!

Many fairies may still be confused about pure desire blouses, which can be called pure desire blouses, mainly depending on neckline and style.

Look at the neckline

This years hot milking shirt can also be called a kind of pure desire shirt. The square collar collar collar, whether its a generous collar or a small square collar, has a proper skin exposure, looks pure and harmless, but in fact, its a kind of dark rubbing!

The collocation of white collar is not only clear but also advanced, and it can be worn with different styles, but it can be worn out in different styles. A can be sweet, and it has the final say.

If you want to add some sweetness or girlishness to pure desire wind, you can choose the heart-shaped square collar style, which has a wide opening and can show the beauty of your clavicle!

In the summer fashion circle, there must be a place for you to show your neck line to a large extent. With simple color matching, the pure and desired feel will come!

Pure desire shirt, mainly white and solid color, white is more common, but appropriate integration of the elements of writing small flowers will increase the sense of immortality, pure desire is also in place.

The elements of ear edge, lotus leaf edge and split will also increase the pure desire of the single product, but it can not be too complex to decorate, and it is easy to increase the sense of expansion, which will appear vulgar.

If the fairies asked me what shoes to wear with my pure desire shirt, I would definitely recommend Muller shoes. Its so versatile and comfortable. Classic Muller shoes with flat soles, which will be slightly light and mature, are very suitable for fairies in the workplace. This pair of black Muller shoes is a small brand in Australia. Apart from the pain in the soles of my feet when I walk too much, I cant find any shortcomings. Its very comfortable on my feet.

Mueller shoes in nude color have appeared many times. All the skirts in my wardrobe have no pressure to match them. The style with a little heel makes the whole foot very slim.

Pure desire shirt + pants + Muller shoes

It has to be said that white skin in Rose Pink really looks good. This square collar milking shirt has been well received by the small partners in the studio. The fabric with slight metallic luster, together with white shorts and nude Mueller shoes, makes me properly a c-position.

Blue small flower square neck sling is especially suitable for summer. It is fresh and refreshing. With simple blue jeans shorts and black Muller shoes, it makes you fashionable and different.

Black and white combination of look, always give people a lessismore sense of refinement. Does Liyas matching make me look good? Black pleated skirt is really too old. It looks good with Muller shoes of the same color.

The pure desire of the white suspender is too strong. It matches with the wrap hip skirt made of silk fabric, and Rio is brilliant. The English Muller shoes make the whole sweetness less than a point, and the beauty is bubbling.

If you are a lazy party, you can choose a white lace suit. You can carry on any occasion. The square root Muller shoes of the same color department break the sense of routine boredom and blow up the air.

Dress + Muller shoes

I like this square collar milking skirt so much. Its fashionable and elegant with nude Mueller shoes. You cant miss any occasion.

I admit that I am easy to be lazy in summer, so its good to learn how to dress the lazy people. The white suspender skirt, the decoration of toothpick pleats on the chest, full of details, with white square root Muller shoes and pearl bags, I am fascinated by them in summer.

Little white dress and v-mouth witch Mueller shoes, its not too much to say that its the goddesss robe. Its just to put on white skin and beautiful appearance. Its cute with the momentum of not easy to provoke. The little white dress in summer must pick it!

The embroidered dress makes people fall in love with it at a glance. With the careful machine design of high split, its really beautiful. The woven Muller shoes of clay Brown look very temperament as a whole. Its a relaxed and lazy summer style right.

In the hot summer, how can it match the red dress? The U-neck design is also very thin. The loose sleeves cover the Baibai meat very well. Another pair of nude Mueller shoes is added. The overall practicality and matching degree are easy to learn from!

After reading Liyas article today, have all the fairies got a new single item and matching method? You dont have to worry about the tightness of Mullers shoes. You can choose woven or breathable materials, so your feet wont sweat very much. In addition to sandals, Muller shoes give us unlimited possibilities to wear in summer.

Summer collocation, we all hope cool and comfortable, so I share the pure desire shirt we dont miss, with Muller shoes, you will open a new world of fashion. Which set of look do you like? Leave me a message!