Why are Hangzhou girls so beautiful? A pair of jeans for summer wear

 Why are Hangzhou girls so beautiful? A pair of jeans for summer wear

u25b2 black suspender + jeans, wider shoulder belt, more cool, wider shoulder belt has better hidden effect on shoulder width, color contrast white shoulder belt has letter screen printing, very fashionable. Off the shoulder, waist, ankle have a very good show thin high effect, the whole person is more crisp.

u25b2 blue suspender + wide leg pants are also blue suspenders, but it is more refreshing to change them into light blue wide leg pants. The large pants are fashionable and lazy with obvious effect of covering the flesh. However, it is easy for small girls to press their height when wearing them. You can learn from the above figure, even if they are not open waist ones, they should be folded into open waist clothes to show a small section of skin, and they are not afraid of small fat on the belly.

u25b2 Black Sleeveless Top + wide leg pants. Girls with wide shoulders can choose sleeveless shirt. Black can show thin vision. The whole modeling is dark street style. Black chocker, hip-hop diagonal shoulder bag, ripped jeans, boots, black sunglasses and retro bracelet are all important components. For girls with fat thighs, the hole position is more suitable for skinny knees.

u25b2 Black Sleeveless Top + wide leg pants, similar to the above figure, this style is more retro, Daddy pants and an explosive curly hair are the epitome of that era, with a strong sense of age. Sometimes the accessories on your body are not enough. You can use tattoos to make it cool. Small girls learn from this matching, remember to choose high waisted jeans, to avoid height pressure.

u25b2 black T-shirt + jeans. If you have worship meat on your arm, you can choose sleeved T-shirt to cover it. Its inevitable that the black top will be dull. You can expose your skin (ARM & waist). In addition, with the help of some fashion elements, such as red pattern and red collar edge, of course, the effect of Xiaobai shoes is also obvious. Did you find a black belt added, which looks a little more elegant and delicate.

u25b2 white top + light color jeans, dont like the cool jeans to wear, you can choose the blouse that is more feminine. The little sister in the picture above chose a white cross blouse, forming a V-neck type which is fashionable and thin, and the large cuff can more foil the small arm. Its very cool to wear with light jeans in summer. Its nice to wear with stiletto sandals.

This kind of method of opening the hole element in the thigh and using the big trouser tubes to set off the thin legs can be learned if you want to be thin. Remember that the trouser tubes must be big to have effect, but they are more suitable for high girls.

u25b2 leopard Top + jeans. Although leopard element is very fashionable, it is easy to wear it into the same style of Aunt Wang next door. Color and pattern selection are very important. Black pattern on white background is even younger. Casual jeans can also reduce the exaggeration of leopard print.

Remember, some of the usual do not know how to match the pompous top, the choice of jeans is right.

u25b2 short shirt + jeans, this years popular Dads shirt, in fact, is a short sleeve shirt. Its worth trying. This kind of shirt has less sense of work than long sleeve shirt, more casual charm, and more small sexy style with exposed navel. Its a decorated short style on the top, and it can be boldly matched with a pair of wide leg pants on the bottom to show the slim waist. The air field is 2 meters, with wood and~~

Feel whole body color collocation does not have bright spot, might as well tie the pig intestines hair loop on the hair to cover in the arm, simple rough but effective.

u25b2 long sleeved shirt + jeans. If you want to wear them to work, you should change them into long sleeved shirt according to the rules. The combination of shirt + trousers is too one-sided. Then change it into tapered jeans. It has the formal sense of work clothes, but it doesnt look serious. It shows that the ankle is thin. The nude Muller slippers stretch the leg lines, fashionable and high.

Sometimes its not that we dont have clothes, but that we dont think carefully about matching them!

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