Girl picked up a pox, but to do craniotomy!

 Girl picked up a pox, but to do craniotomy!

However, a recent news, let you have to be alert to pick pockmarks this kind of behavior.


Why grow blain?

Acne originates from the hair follicle hair sebaceous unit of the skin. It consists of three units: hair follicle, hair and sebaceous gland. The hair follicle tube is mainly responsible for the production of epithelial cells, which is often called keratinocytes.

When the metabolism of keratinocytes in the hair follicle conduit is abnormal, more and more keratinocytes will accumulate, which will cause the blockage of the hair follicle conduit, and then cause acne.

The premise of acne is hair follicle blockage. The anaerobic environment caused by the blockage further led to the proliferation of the original anaerobic bacteria such as Propionibacterium acnes in the hair follicles. At this time, a acne is like a small arsenal, with infinite potential crisis.

Infection caused by bacterial reproduction

In the process of acne extrusion, the pressure exerted on both sides of the acne may not explode the acne, but may cause the purulent substances and a large number of bacteria in the acne to migrate to the deep skin tissue.

Even with the rupture of capillaries into the blood, causing more serious infection.

Pockmarks and pits

It not only extrudes pus and blood, but also some clear liquid can be seen sometimes. In fact, this is the tissue fluid exuded when the tissue around the acne is squeezed and damaged.

In other words, acne will crush the surrounding tissue, but expand the damage area, and even produce adhesion and color sink after the secondary inflammation, that is, acne mark and pockmark.

Therefore, it is not recommended to squeeze or pick up the pimples, which will not only prevent the pimples from disappearing, but also lead to further infection. In the end, it will make a mess on the face, and it will take more time to recover.

be vigilant! Dangerous triangle of acne can not be picked!

Dangerous triangle area: it refers to a triangle area composed of three points on both sides of the nasal root and alar of the face, which is rich in blood vessels and nerves.

When squeezing the acne in this area, too much pressure will crush the hair follicle, hair, sebaceous gland unit. And this kind of rupture, part of it up, pushes the pus out of it.

But there are also some bacteria and old waste cells in the acne will enter into the capillary with extrusion and rupture, enter the blood circulation, cause more serious infection, even lead to intracranial infection.

If according to the growing position of pimples, the behavior of picking pimples can be divided into risk levels, the danger triangle of the face is undoubtedly the highest level of red warning.

Adjust diet

Research shows that the production of acne is closely related to the intake of milk products, consumption of high sugar, fried food.

These foods can promote insulin secretion, up regulate the expression of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), and activate androgen receptor. Many patients with severe acne have improved significantly after stopping eating the above foods.

Some people think that eating spicy will cause acne, but at present, according to the results of medical statistics, it does not show that eating spicy has an inevitable relationship with acne.

But, we can eat spicy according to their own long pox situation, decided not to avoid.

If the whole face is full of acne, try not to make up, because the bottom makeup will aggravate the pore blockage, and the makeup removal will also stimulate acne. If you have to make up, you can use mineral composition of the bottom makeup, the skin irritation is smaller.

At ordinary times, skin care products with oil control, anti-inflammatory and cutin metabolism functions can be selected. For example, nicotinamide, tea tree, dipotassium Glycyrrhizinate, skin care products containing fruit acid, salicylic acid and other ingredients.


Different kinds of acne can be applied locally with different external drugs. If it is a big red envelope type of acne, you can use the ointment of retinoic acid composition to accelerate the maturity of acne.

If its a small pimple, it often represents a acne accompanied by a bacterial infection attack. In this case, we can use the ointment of anti bacterial infection to smear locally to accelerate the recovery of acne.

Professional treatment

If there is a large area of acne outbreak on the face, or the acne, redness, swelling and pain have not been relieved for more than a week, you can go to the hospital to ask a dermatologist to help clear the acne and speed up the recovery. Remember not to clean yourself at home, because it is difficult to do thorough disinfection at home, and it may cause further damage to the skin and increase the possibility of infection.

After cleaning, we should pay attention to protecting wounds and avoid infection. We can use scar patches to protect wounds, accelerate healing, reduce the pigmentation of wounds, and avoid the production of smallpox and India.

In addition, some photodynamic beauty treatment projects, combined with drug treatment, can also effectively improve the problem of acne.

So, do you remember

I have acne

one disaster after another

Expert: Yan ya, doctor of medical biomaterials, Nankai University