After Jefferson and Washington collapsed, New York will tear down the statue of Roosevelt

 After Jefferson and Washington collapsed, New York will tear down the statue of Roosevelt

The statue has been standing at the entrance of the museum since 1940, depicting Roosevelt on horseback, flanked by a Native American man and a black man, the New York Post reported Monday.

Roosevelt statue at the entrance of the New York Museum of natural history

According to the guardian, the museum announced on the 21st that it would demolish the statue and apply to the New York City Government. New York City Mayor bill de Blasio said in a statement that he agreed with the museum to remove the statue because it clearly portrays black people and aborigines as conquered, low racial status people. New York City supports the museums request. Removing the problematic statue was the right decision at the right time.

In the past few weeks, our museum has been deeply moved by the growing racist movement that followed the murder of George Freud, Ellen futter, the museums director, told the media

She added: around the world and in the United States, we see more and more people using statues as a symbol of systematic racism. In short, its time to move it.

The guardian also noted that Theodore Roosevelt IV, Roosevelts great grandson, said in an interview with the times that he supported the decision.

The world does not need statues, the product of another era, which do not reflect the values of the people they respect, nor the values of equality and justice, he said. The equestrian statue does not represent Theodore Roosevelts past. Its time to move the statue and move forward.

It is reported that Theodore Roosevelt is the 26th president of the United States. He participated in the war between the United States and the West and made outstanding contributions to the battle of Santiago in Cuba. The nuclear powered aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt was named after him.

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