Guan Xiaotong, 25, suddenly collapsed like 52. What happened to her?

 Guan Xiaotong, 25, suddenly collapsed like 52. What happened to her?

Only look at the face and belong to the sweet type.

Gif looks good.

Paste a little picture can also feel more mature than the actual age, this is all the pot of makeup hair?

Then the sheep will tell you, where does Guan Xiaotongs fatigue come from, and the pouch she cut is growing again?

Sheep are so happy to find that they have a good reserve of medical knowledge. They can not only judge sagging cheeks, but also know that they will have gills when they are oldu00b7u00b7u00b7

These people usually dont lack new oxygen, hahahaha~

The sheep has slightly treated the right picture, tightened the soft tissue as a whole and smoothed the eyelid. Is the whole picture better than the left one?

Soft tissue sagging, sometimes there is no such strict age limit, like those with flat or concave facial bones, it is easy to sag early, and some people with excellent bones, even when they are old, may not appear very sagging.

The problem of soft tissue has been talked about frequently before. Its not really the product of age, but also the problem of natural development.

What the sheep wants to say today is, do you feel that her tiredness mainly comes from the pouch that grows again under the sleeping silkworm?

Most of the comments were about her pouch.

So, the pouch that Guan Xiaotong cut out grows again???

What? Did Guan Xiaotong make an eye bag?

Lets have a look at the sheep. The first time we found out about Guan Xiaotongs pouch problem was three or four years ago. Everyone in this film still has a deep memory.

At that time, it was speculated that the natural sleeping silkworm was big and the pouch was being formed.

On the night of Weibo in January 2018, sleeping silkworms and eye bags with makeup are also very obvious.

However, by the end of 2018, under the toxic lens of Vision China, there is only a narrow lying silkworm under Guan Xiaotongs eyes, and the pouch is not visible. This side is very beautiful.

After that, for a period of time, the pictures were all pretty good, and there was only a tiny lying silkworm under the eyes.

Anyway, it hasnt been for a long time because the pouch has dragged her back. Many people are guessing whether she went to have the pouch cut.

At the beginning of 2019, Guan Xiaotong was discussed for his dark eyes.

Its a pure face. Its the same thing with dark eyes. I can hardly see the pouch.

It is speculated that there were two reasons for her dark circles at that time: 1. She was born with black circles.

2. The rest is not good after the pouch is cut, which leads to poor blood circulation around the eyes and easily aggravates the dark circles.

But le, Yang guessed that she did not use the external cutting method to remove the pouch, but the internal way and the suction.

Why? Because the feeling of puffy fundus in the second half of 2019 is similar to that two years ago.


Did pouch, why relapsed again?

Again, Yang did not say that Guan Xiaotong must have had an eye bag operation. But through her changes to speculate, Mingming did pouch, why some people will grow out again?

First of all, we should make clear the classification of the pouch. The congenital pouch cant be simply sucked by the internal way.

There are two reasons for the formation of congenital orbital pouch: 1. Insufficient development of middle face and insufficient convexity of orbital bone, resulting in protruding of upper and lower orbital septum; 2. Congenital relaxation of orbital septum.

But the face concave person, the orbital bone also can be more concave, therefore does not have the very good support function, even if is the normal orbital septum also can appear very prominent, then forms the pouch. (Guan Xiaotong is one of them)

This kind of eye bag due to the disadvantage of hardware cant simply use the method of sucking out fat, because the supporting force (bone) can never make up for it. If you just take away the things in the net bag, the net bag will become loose, but it is still so large. Once the orbital septum fat grows again, the eye bag will easily run out.

The point is to tighten the orbital septum, that is, the mesh bag. Even if the fat comes out again, the mesh bag has become very small, and it will not hold so much fat. Naturally, the pouch will not come out again.

Secondly, the natural orbital septum is loose. This type of pouch, orbital bone generally has no big problem, that is, the simple net bag has low elasticity and cannot tightly hold the fat. Just like some people are born with loose skin and some with tight skin.

So, the reason for most peoples bags rebounding is that they have not solved the problem of orbital septum. The better way is actually to cut them out. Compared with the internal approach, the advantage of the external incision is that while taking out the fat, it can also tighten the loose orbital septum, and the effect is quite obvious.

Ordinary stars or people who are more in pursuit of extreme perfection dont like this method very much, because there is a risk of scarring. They prefer internal suction, orbital septal release or fiber optic lipolysis to remove the pouch. It is not known that this method has sequelae for congenital pouch.