Chief executive officer of CBA: the team experience in Qingdao is very good

 Chief executive officer of CBA: the team experience in Qingdao is very good

Qingdao municipal Party committee and government give great support to the second round. Under the premise of moderate epidemic prevention and control, it needs to take responsibility, responsibility and precise arrangement. Wang Dawei, on behalf of CBA, praised the service provided in Qingdao.


In addition to the careful competition plan, strict logistical support and the arrangement of spare time life in special periods, what makes Wang Dawei most intimate is that the organizing committee has provided a full-time Butler for each team. The team members need a large number of meticulous butler services in terms of life, catering, leisure and entertainment under the condition of two-day competition. Guoxin group has arranged a very detailed butler service, which has brought a very good experience to the team, and can ensure that the team focuses on the field without worrying about other small things. .

Details determine the success or failure of the Qingdao competition area, which is widely praised. It is precisely because of the precise control of every detail. In the course of the game, we found a problem we had never encountered before. Wang Dawei said, at the end of each game, the epidemic prevention personnel shall carry out killing operations according to the regulations. After the killing, the players felt that the floor was wet, so they could only place a lot of hair dryers on the spot, but the hair dryers were too close to each other, which would cause security risks to the players. Later, it was adjusted and solved perfectly.

In addition, under the guidance and assistance of CBA company, the on-site atmosphere of Qingdao competition area offsets the influence of empty field to the greatest extent. The setting of large screen and the application of 5g technology allow fans to interact directly with the players on site. The music familiar to the team is also played on the spot, and the impact of the empty match on the players is minimized, which also gives the fans a stronger sense of participation.

Restart through CBA, explore the way for the sports rematch

The game started, but there are still many problems, we also need to adjust and improve in time. Wang Dawei said, before the semi-finals, the change of the epidemic situation has been unpredictable, but we are firmly working towards the direction of the semi-finals.

According to Wang Dawei, CBA company kept in touch with the club before the rematch, kept abreast of the situation and made more detailed preparations. Chairman Yao thanked academician Zhong Nanshan on many occasions. It was at the suggestion of academician Zhong Nanshan that we had a lot of communication with Guangdong CDC and made a lot of prevention and control plans, which made our bid report approved.

Chairman Yao sent a letter to each of us, saying that the rematch is not only to let basketball return, but also to ensure the safety and stability of the game, physical and mental health of the players, as well as the participation of the audience through the rematch. Wang Dawei said: the CBA semi-finals have a certain demonstration effect on the recovery of the sports industry. After a period of adjustment, 20 teams will definitely bring more joy to the fans all over the country.

The second phase of the semi-finals, focusing on one city

According to the plan, the first stage of CBA rematch is divided into Dongguan and Qingdao. In the second phase, 20 teams will be concentrated in one city. Now both cities have put forward their bid requests, and we will also consider them comprehensively according to the actual situation in the first stage. If there is no accident, the host city of the second stage next week will have a final conclusion. Wang Dawei said.

This also means that 20 teams will be concentrated in one city for the second stage after the competitions in Qingdao and Dongguan, and 10 teams must be transferred. Now we are also asking for the opinions of all clubs. We plan to transfer by chartered plane from the perspective of epidemic prevention safety, such as five teams going to the venue by chartered plane. With the determination of the venue for the second phase, this work will be gradually implemented.

Affected by the epidemic, foreign aid can not return to the team on time, which makes many teams have to play all China class in the second round. In terms of the games that have been played, many of the young players have performed very well. Wang Dawei said, yesterdays Qingdao team played well in the first half. It was unexpected for many people to lead Xinjiang team in the first half. All China class has increased playing time for more local players, and they are all eager to perform on the field

Source: Qingdao daily Author: promised editor: Yang Jiankun_ NS4215