Wang Zhizhis response to the Bayi theory of the advantage of the second round: all classes in China do not necessarily win

 Wang Zhizhis response to the Bayi theory of the advantage of the second round: all classes in China do not necessarily win

Wang Zhizhi, head coach of the August 1st team, doesnt need to elaborate too much. As a Chinese basketball meritorious figure, he can attract the most attention wherever he goes. Wang Zhizhi has won more attention and reputation for the Bayi team under the condition that the Bayi team is playing with young players and winning less and losing more. On the first day of the second round match, the Bayi team was empty, and Wang Zhizhi came to watch other teams play alone. In the first game against Guangzhou, Wang Zhizhi attached great importance to it. From the perspective of ranking, Guangzhou team ranked the third from the bottom was only two places higher than the deputy squad leader 81. This game is also a game that the August 1st team should strive to win.

Wang Zhizhi, who was on the sidelines of the whole game, shouted to the players on the field for many times. It can be seen that Wang Zhizhi wanted to win the game very much. The players are also good enough to fight, but the gap in strength makes the 81 team who fought the whole game lose 88:104. The black player scored 47 points on his own.

Wang Zhizhi, who appeared in the post match press conference, couldnt hide his disappointment and seemed to be relatively depressed when summarizing the match. When asked by a reporter, there are more teams in the all China class in this rematch, many fans think its more beneficial for the team that is the all China class. Wang Zhizhi replied: we have won the teams with foreign aid, and we are not sure that we can win in all China classes. We still have to play our own game well, get the points we deserve, win the games we deserve, and do well ourselves..

Ding Wei, the manager of Guangzhou team, took the post in place of our foreign coach drew during the epidemic. Getting the first victory made Ding very happy. Coincidentally, June 21 is fathers day, and his son Ding Haoran happens to play in Qingdao. When a reporter asked his son if he had given him a gift on fathers day, Ding said with a smile, he (Ding Haoran) said let me win the competition and ask for a gift. I said dont buy the gift, just discount it..

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