Guangdong Media: the familiar CBA flavor of Dongguan competition area is back

 Guangdong Media: the familiar CBA flavor of Dongguan competition area is back

A excited its a great feeling to play!

The main venue of Dongguan competition area is located in Dongguan basketball center of Liaobu Town, which has always been the main venue of Dongguan bank team of Guangdong Province. As the ninth champion, Guangdong team last played a formal game here in mid January this year, so it took more than five months to return to the home court where they witnessed countless high light moments, and everyone was very excited.

The team arrived at the stadium almost an hour and a half ahead of schedule in the first half of the rematch. Foreign aid Sony Wilms was the first one to enter the venue. He raised his mobile phone with a smile and slapped the plush dolls and cheering slogans on the sidelines. He was followed by Zhao Rui, Hu Mingxuan, Wang Xingkai and other young people, weareback! I dont know who suddenly shouted, the voice echoed over the stadium - if it was in the past, it would surely win the applause and cheers of countless spectators in the stands, but now only the players themselves laughed.

Team leader Zhou Peng walked in the rear of the large army, heard the laughter of the young team-mates, and the corners of his mouth could not help rising. Different from all the players in the rematch, Zhou Peng has been away from the field for nearly a year since he was injured during the training of the national team last summer, so this comeback is more emotional for him than for other players. Although in the first half of the rematch, Zhou Peng, who is eager to perform, is not efficient in attack, and his shooting feel obviously needs to be restored, but he can go back to the court and win again with the team. Zhou Peng may be the most excited member of the team. People who love me, I come back for you, the injury I once suffered, will become the strongest place in my body because of you. 323 days, Im back! he wrote on Weibo

Like him, wimmes was thrilled to be back on the court. The foreign aid returned to the United States during the Spring Festival holiday in January, but in March when the domestic epidemic in China was stable and the foreign epidemic had not yet broken out, Wilms decided to leave his family and return to Dongguan to wait for the return of CBA with his teammates. Its not easy for coach Du Feng, its very difficult for us to train in these five months, because we dont know when we can start the game and there is no goal in the training. He said.

But now we are finally looking forward to the rematch, and Guangdong teams road to defending the title can start again, Im glad we are back on the field, this is the most important thing now, its good to play the game! My goal here is to help the team win the championship again, and I want to win this battle with my brothers, wimmes said

B. fully prepare the details of epidemic prevention and control in place

In fact, since March this year, CBA has heard several times that it wants to restart. Although the Basketball Association didnt officially announce the restart time until the beginning of June, the whole league has done a lot of preparations from top to bottom in order to be able to play again in recent months. In particular, it is necessary to seek coexistence between strict epidemic prevention and the atmosphere of manufacturing venues. CBA has put forward a number of schemes, which have been continuously improved, and finally passed the examination and got the opportunity to restart. From the experience of reporters in the past two days, these preparations can be described as meticulous and the effect is quite good.

In terms of epidemic prevention, the reporter arrived in Dongguan two days before the start of the competition, and received nucleic acid test as soon as possible. After all indicators were determined to be negative, he got the pass. At the same time, there was a practical manual for epidemic prevention and control of media personnel. As the general staff of the second round, the reporter got the medium-sized anti epidemic certificate marked with yellow, and accepted the daily monitoring and management of Dongguan competition area as the blue card holder. The highest level of epidemic prevention is for players, coaches, referees and other green card holders, who must accept isolation management. They must not only be completely isolated from the outside public, nor be in close contact with other color certificate holders. They must keep a safe distance of more than 2 meters. For example, members of Guangdong team live in Hongyuan Hotel collectively. In terms of hotel, not only a whole floor has been cleared for them alone, but also the food and accommodation are completely separated from the outside world. Even the elevators for players to enter and leave are independent and dedicated, and there is no intersection with any other space. At the same time, all the visitors to the hotel at the door have to accept the normal operation of temperature measurement and code scanning, as well as an additional mobile phone number to visit Inspection of site tracking records to prevent visitors from coming from high-risk epidemic areas.

In the venue, people with different certificates are divided according to the three colors of green, yellow and blue. Before entering the venue, everyone is required to receive infrared temperature test at the security checkpoint. After entering the venue, except the team and the referee in the process of competition, they are required to wear masks. For example, after the game the day before yesterday, the head coach of a team came to the conference with his team members in a hurry. He forgot to wear a mask for a while, so he was immediately stopped and asked to wear a mask before being interviewed by reporters. In the interview process, no matter in the mixed mining area or at the press conference, the interviewees and the media reporters were separated by more than 2 meters, and the long radio bar became a big attraction of the scene.

In addition, even inside the green card staff, they are trying to reduce unnecessary contact. For example, now they have to play more than one game a day, Dongguans venues are divided into five dressing rooms in the green area, so that each teams coming and going time and route can be distinguished accurately, so as to avoid any gathering. And the museum is also from morning to night many times in various places to kill work, to maintain health without dead ends.

C pay special attention to the sense of ceremony + cloud operation, so that the empty field is not cold

In addition to epidemic prevention, another important preparation for CBA semi-finals is how to make the competition more familiar with the atmosphere in the empty field. After all, it may not only concern the competitive status of athletes, but also directly reflect the maintenance of CBA brand and respect for fans. After the restart of the league with a series of rituals and cloud operation way, handed over a very attentive answer.

Before each game after the resumption of the competition, in addition to the routine introduction of players and the singing of the national anthem, CBA specially added a link of silence for the victims during the new crown epidemic and salute to workers from all walks of life. On the day of the opening of the Dongguan game area, zhangjiacheng, a one armed basketball youth, was invited to serve as a jumping guest, and the Qingdao game area will also invite medical workers from Hubei Province to receive them Thanks from the players on the spot, Li Yongchun, vice president of Qingdao municipal hospital and leader of Wuhan medical team, was invited to jump in the opening battle of Qingdao competition area.

In addition to the plush dolls, cheering slogans for teams, all kinds of jerseys, and the logo of the main team changing according to different times, CBA also set up a huge LED screen in the center of the two venues. During the game, the fans comments collected in advance were broadcasted in a rolling manner. Meanwhile, during the pause and rest The big screen will also play the dance video of the home teams Lala babies and the audio of the fans dialect cheering; when meeting the critical moment, the game will also connect the fans who are watching the game off-site through 5g means, and cast the scene of their cloud watching the game at home on the big screen, so that the players can get back the feeling of being surrounded by the scene; and the MC of each game will also Add to the atmosphere with high-profile commentary as before, and at the end of the game, lead players from both sides to thank the audience in the cloud.

This series of operation mode also brings many unique experiences to the participants. I think the empty match will have more or less an impact on our players, because it will bring more excitement if there is an audience to cheer on, and those (dolls) are not real people after all. Sun Yue, a veteran of Beijing control team, said that he was really worried about the lack of excitement before the game, but now we also see that the game has really done a lot of work to create an atmosphere for us, with special attention. I think we will also work hard to achieve the best condition.

Its not easy to get back to the game. In case of repeated outbreaks, both the Basketball Association and the competition area have done a lot of work, Thank you!

It is worth mentioning that, due to the special period of the epidemic, there are not many media reporters who can go to the competition area for on-site interviews. In order to facilitate the national media coverage of the CBA semi final, CBA company has also tried many ways. In addition to continuously releasing official information, on-site pictures and promotional videos to the media in the whole competition stage, it has also created a cloud question method, which is available after every competition Solicit questions from the reporters who are not on the spot, and the staff will submit them to the team manager and players at the first time in the press conference, and then timely release the live recording to all media.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily Author: Wang Yayun editor in charge: Yang Jiankun_ NS4215