The social impact of the key words outside the CBA rematch has exceeded that of basketball itself

 The social impact of the key words outside the CBA rematch has exceeded that of basketball itself

In order to ensure the excellent performance of the competition, all parties have made a lot of efforts. On the field, although the number of foreign aid is insufficient, the emergence of many domestic players has surprised the fans. Outside the field, CBA League has added such links as anti epidemic and interaction, which not only makes the game as rich as possible, but also fully reflects the business value and social value of the League.

Key words 1 anti epidemic

It is one of the most important tasks to prevent the epidemic situation and ensure the safety of all participants. In the Qingdao and Dongguan competition areas, there are green areas in the venues and hotels. The personnel in the green areas are mainly the players and referees technical representatives of the clubs and teams. After arriving at the competition area, the personnel in the green area must accept the nucleic acid test immediately and stay in the room before the result is confirmed. After the nucleic acid test result is negative, the personnel in the green area can leave the room and move in the green area. In the venue, the green area is also strictly divided from other areas. All competitions and training must be completed in the green area, and the green area will be killed every day.

Key word 2 salute

In this rematch, the slogan of CBA is reply with all ones strength. CBA League held a salute ceremony before the first match of each team. The salute video and salute gestures were used to express the respect to the anti epidemic heroes. All players, coaches, referees and staff members on the scene made salute gestures with two fists and small arms crossed. The honorary objects include academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, Professor of respiratory medicine of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University Zhong Nanshan, nurse Zhao Yingming, courier Wang Yong, community grid member Feng Feng, etc.

Key words 3 cheering

After the CBA League announced the resumption of the competition, the CBA League launched a series of fan interaction activities on the official social media matrix, looking for the resumption of production story, sharing the blessings of netizens for the resumption of the competition. The high-quality content was presented on the LED screen and the large screen on the sideline of the CBA resumption in the form of fan assistance barrage.

Key word 4 black technology

5g cloud audience, as the first black technology launched by 5g joint laboratory established by CBA alliance, is an online game watching + live interactive live product, which realizes multi screen simultaneous viewing of game picture, user video and cloud audience picture, and creates an on-site game watching atmosphere for fans. When fans watch CBA games in Migu video, they can choose to turn on the 5g cloud audience function, project their own viewing pictures to the large screen of the cloud audience in the seat of the scene, and gather with fans all over the country to live to cheer for the main team.

Key words 5 positive energy

On the 20th, Guangdong vs. Shanxi, the League invited recently popular young inspirational boy zhangjiacheng to jump for the game, hoping that he can continue to use basketball to bring you positive energy. Zhangjiacheng is a first grade student in Gaocun middle school, yunan District, Yunfu City, Guangdong Province. Although an accident took his right arm when he was a child, he didnt choose to compromise with fate in this way. At the age of 12, he began to take part in the free basketball training course held by the town government, and with his love for basketball and excellent will, he developed excellent basketball skills.

Du Feng, head coach of Guangdong team, said: there is such a performance in this age group. His efforts are obvious. I sincerely hope that he can persist and enjoy the happiness brought by basketball. Heart is always the strongest part of the body, said Yi Jianlian, head of Guangdong team

Source: Xinhua News Agency Author: Xinhua news agency editor in charge: Yang Jiankun_ NS4215