Liaoning added a case of overseas imported case to study in Belarus on the 21st

 Liaoning added a case of overseas imported case to study in Belarus on the 21st

23 cases of imported confirmed cases, 21 cases of cured discharge and 2 cases of in-hospital treatment were reported in the whole province.

In the province, 131 cases were confirmed, 126 cases were cured, 2 cases died and 3 cases were treated in hospital.

71 cases of asymptomatic infection were reported in the whole province, 44 cases were released from isolation and 27 cases were confirmed (25 cases were cured and 2 cases were being treated in designated hospitals)

As of 24:00 on June 21, 154 confirmed cases, 147 cured and discharged from hospital, 2 died and 5 were treated in hospital. 4318 close contacts of confirmed cases (including those of imported cases) have been traced, 4022 have been removed from medical observation, and 296 are undergoing medical observation.

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u6056789,container:ssp_ 6056789, async:true }Wu, a 23-year-old female, from Zunyi, Guizhou Province, studied at mojiliov University in Belarus. Take flight ca722 from Minsk airport of Belarus to China at 19:45 local time on June 19, and arrive at Taoxian airport of Shenyang at 8:40 local time on June 20. According to the regulations on prevention and control of epidemic situation of entry personnel, after collecting throat swab samples, the airport customs shall transfer them to the designated hotel under protective measures for centralized medical isolation observation. At 21:00 on June 20, the customs reported that the nucleic acid test results were positive and immediately transferred to Shenyang Center of the provincial central treatment center for isolation treatment. The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by the Shenyang Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention was diagnosed as a new common case of coronavirus pneumonia in the early morning of June 21st. Closed loop management was adopted after the patient entered the country. Related recommendations: 3 new cases imported from abroad in Shanghai on the 21st: 1 case of American nationality and 2 cases of Indian nationality source: Hu Shuli, editor in charge of Liaoning health and Health Commission_ MN7479