Sami concedes that he failed: I talked to Ronaldo about his return to the left wing

 Sami concedes that he failed: I talked to Ronaldo about his return to the left wing

After playing Napoli, I sat down with Ronaldo and talked. We talked for a long time, he told me his point of view, and we finally reached an agreement. Cristiano has scored 700 goals in the left wing position, he is the best in this position and I will not let him play in the center again, said sari

It took more than half a season for Surrey to understand how to use Ronaldo. Ronaldos favorite way of playing is to sprint from the left rib or the middle without the ball. Ronaldo likes to cooperate with the center with strong adaptability. Benzema and manjukiki can create space and shooting opportunities for the Portuguese. Sari let Ronaldo play in the center, but at the same time he didnt set up a bridgehead in front of him. Obviously, he used the wrong Portuguese.

Italian media recently claimed that sari and pianici have had several conflicts in recent years. In response to this statement, sari gave his attitude: these are nonsense, he is my top three attendance players. We are very close and I have to reiterate that he plays a very important role in the three field system.

Juve have lost the Coppa Italia and the Bianconeri will face Bologna in Serie A tonight. On INS, Ronaldo took his own training photos and encouraged the whole team to unite. Never give up, always focus on the next step, lets unite! Ronaldo sent out the campaign mobilization.

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